Project365, 204 – 210 (Week 30)

After a few very laid back and lazy Christmas days I should get (back) to being a bit more productive. There are so many things I had planned to do during this vacation and now the first week is already over and almost none of it done *sigh* I really shouldn’t have started to read the “Thursday Next” novel series before Christmas. And I definitely shouldn’t have ordered the next books of the series right away. They weren’t delivered yet, but they will be sometime next week. No self-control. Sad, really…. ;-)

Anyway, here are my latest project365 photos…

Week 30-1
2009-12-19: Snow… finally
Week 30-2
2009-12-20: “Night of the Proms” Souvenir

Week 30-3
2009-12-21: Tons of textbooks to work through
during the next few days/weeks

Week 30-4
2009-12-22: Some of the Christmas cards I got this year

Week 30-5
2009-12-23: finally cleaned some dishes :-)

Week 30-6
2009-12-24: My new footstool
(showing my favourite lighthouse)

Week 30-7
2009-12-25: Finished putting together a Christmas present


  1. I didn’t plan to do anything during my christmas vacation, but bosses 1 and 2 keep calling. Anyway my christmas reading is Stieg Larsson and it takes all my self control not to jump up and finish the book(s). My mom doesn’t like to talk to people who have their noses in books ;-)
    I liked Thursday Next very much, now I’m waiting for the last book in the right size (I have all the other ones in little and how would it look if the last one is tall?)

  2. I LOVED the Eyre Affair and can’t wait to read the next two books. I guess those will keep me occupied until early January when I’m back at work and can buy the 4th and 5th at the Mayersche bookstore as well :-)
    I like my novel series in the same edition (paperback preferably) as well. Which leads to buying the hardcover version first (if necessary) and selling it on ebay later, when the paperback edition is published ;-)

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