Project365: 211 – 224 (Week 31 + 32)

I’m doing something wrong. I made quite a few New Year’s resolution and haven’t managed to keep any one of them (yet). I haven’t been to the gym, I’m still not as well organized as I’d like to be. And still haven’t really worked on the presentation I have to deliver mid-February. I just don’t get a grip on the whole issue I have to talk about. Which might be due to the fact, that I don’t really sit down and think about it and read some more stuff and so on. I have been kind of busy recently, but not as much as I was in over my head. I’m just… not that well organized. And too easily distracted! At the moment it’s “Thursday Next” who is keeping my mind preoccupied ;-) I have to leave the novel at home and take some textbooks to read during commute instead. That’s the plan for tomorrow and the rest of the week at least.

There’s not much else to write about yet. I’ve seen Avatar last week, and liked it. I’m not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, or at least that kind of fantasy, because Thursday Next is classic fantasy as well, but it’s still so so different vom Avatar. Anyway, It was worth seeing, especially in 3D and Sam Worthington is definitely worth watching ;-)

I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon as volunteer at the Grand Opening Event of RUHR.2010 (the European Capital of Culture) and even though I didn’t see much of the other perfomances or exhibitions, I’m still glad I was part of it. My toes were chunks of ice every night, but I enjoyed being out there, giving out information, promoting events, helping visitors to find their way around… Just being a part of those who made the whole event possible. I haven’t posted project365 photos in a while, so here are Week 31 and 32.

211 Week 31-1
2009-12-26: Decoration on our christmas tree

212 Week 31-2
2009-12-27: At the hockey game in Cologne

213 Week 31-3
2009-12-28: Most hilarious novel I’ve read in a long time

214 Week 31-4
2009-12-29: 2010 postcard calender – Lighthouses

215 Week 31-5
2009-12-30: Finally the order in my CD rack is restored

216 Week 31-6
2009-12-31: My result of the traditional New Year’s Eve “Bleigießen”:
Heron, crane or any other large bird

217 Week 31-7
2010-01-01: Prosecco, spiced with Mackenstedter (vodka + woodruff)… Yummy

218 Week 32-1
2010-01-02: Winter at the Alster in Hamburg

219 Week 32-2
2010-01-03: Frost pattern on the train windows

220 Week 32-3
2010-01-04: Good (musical) times ahead…

221 Week 32-4
2010-01-05: bird tracks on on my patio

222 Week 32-5
2010-01-06: New Trollbead bracelet

223 Week 32-6
2010-01-07: Bro2’s meds for a simple broncitis
(it’s obvious he has private health insurance, isn’t it *g*?)

224 Week 33-7
2010-01-08: One of the many, many hilarious paragraphs of the “Thursday Next” novel series

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