Oh, What A Day (Or To Be More Precise… What A Week)

I can’t remember having felt so drained at the end of my work week before. The MS attack last week and the sideffects of the corticoidsteroids definitely took their toll even this week. There were also quite a few tiny annoying things, health- and other wise, which really put me in a crappy mood as well. Sore cuticles. Torn fingernails. Supermarkets without the groceries I’m looking for. Delayed trains and a lot more.

Of course there also was the Olympic hockey tournament, which interruptet my sleep most of the nights as well. Seeing Canada defeat Russia last night was such an incredible experience. I saw the highlights again during the Olympic news this afternoon and I got goosebumps all over again. It was so awesome to witness this Team Canada on their way to the semin-finals. And yes, Russia couldn’t keep up with the expectations and didn’t play as well as they could have. But even their worst was amazing to watch for someone like me, who is used to the German Hockey league.
Talking about German Hockey: My team – the Cologne Sharks – are in serious, serious financial trouble. Ouch! It has been problematic for at least two seasons now, but it never got really bad or at least that’s what the public has been told. But it IS really bad right now and if they don’t manage to aquire some additional financial support, they will have to file for bancrupcy. I honestly still can’t quite believe that yet.

Work has been insanely busy, because my colleague wasn’t at the office on Monday and Tuesday. I knew that in advance and it usually wouldn’t have bothered me much. But in the beginning of this week I was still recovering from last week’s illness and all of a sudden there was so much additional stuff that needed to be done as soon as possible. And I just couldn’t keep up with all of it, because I wasn’t feeling quite alright yet. I hate feeling overwhelmed with work, because I usually do have a pretty easy going job. Sometimes I’m even feeling underwhelmed, so I’m usually happy when I actually do have a lot of things to do. This week though… not so much.
This all was topped today with a 5 hours long server breakdown. It really sucks when all the files and data you need for your work are not available and you literally can’t do anything. Well, you can already start worrying how you will manage to do next week’s work, when you still have to catch up with this week’s as well. But these thoughts don’t really help when you try to look on the brighter side of life. At least we used the time to finally file away stacks of files and documents in our offices. One of these tasks you dread doing, because it’s so so boring. But we did it together, so it actually wasn’t all that bad. And our desks look super neat now. But I’m still not looking forward to Monday and all the stuff I had to leave unfinished today.

But this insane day at work was nothing compared to what expected me, when I dropped by my Mom’s place after work. I met her in front of the house with a slightly shocked and worried look on her face. “Bro3 smashed the glassdoor”. Oooookay….what the heck was that supposed to mean? Turns out I’m not quite up-to-date with the details of the interior design in Bro2’s new house (next to my Mom’s). He bought a glassdoor for his livingroom to get more light in the foyer. And Bro3 had just smashed it. When I entered the building and saw the heap of broken glass and the large bandaids on Bro3’s hands and arms and the last few remaining splashes of blood on the floor, I understood the shocked and worried look on my mom’s face. And the door was just put in yesterday. Bro3 is doing fine, he is used to being slashed and scraped during all the handywork he is doing. But still… not a good day. Hopefully his liability insurance will cover the damage.
A few minutes later, when we all retreated to my mom’s livingroom she suddenly said: “Oh, and guess what? Earlier today Bro1 dropped by, wearing a neckbrace.” He … what?  Bro1 works in the public works department of a neighbouring town and was on the way to a construction site, when he was rear-ended at a red light or a crossroad or something. Nothing serious happened to him, whiplash, headache and all. He was cleared in the ER and is now wearing a neckbrace for a few days. The funny part of it [at least I think it’s kind of funny] is, that it didn’t happen to him in his own car, because the local government has staff cars for these kind of trips. All these cars were already in use this morning so he had to take the official mayor’s car. And got it rear-ended. Nicely done.
Thinking about it all, I have to say, my mom was suprisingly calm this afternoon. Her daughter still suffering from the after-effects of the MS attack and of her three sons one figuratively put his fist through a glassdoor and another gets his skull smashed to the head rest in a car. No matter, how old your kids are, you probably just shouldn’t let them out of your sight ;-)

I’m away for the weekend (discussing the town’s budget with my local Greens) and I still haven’t started to work on the termpaper of the single course I’m enrolled in at the moment. It’s due on March 14th and I have no idea how I will manage to do a decent job with that. Should add “looking up literature for termpaper” on the already long To-Do-List for tomorrow.
And there are also at least two blog posts I’d love to write, but to actually do that I need to be more awake than I am right now. This (and last week) are still taking it’s toll. I guess I’ll be off to bed in a short while. [There is no hockey on TV tonight, so I should be able to get a good night’s sleep *g*]


  1. I will strap V to me until he needs to check me into an insane asylum ;)

    That’s a lot to deal with in one week – no wonder you’re exhausted.

    1. It’s weird to be reminded that we are still our parents’ children, no matter how old we get. It is also a nice feeling though :-)
      And I finally got a good night’s sleep (8 hours). Yay! Almost forgot what it felt like to be well rested.

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