Project365: 232 – 238 (Week 35)

I already seem to be recovering from the nasty cold. At least my nose isn’t as stuffed as it was 2 days ago. I’ve got a light cough now as well, so I hope the infection not just moved from the upper respiratory system to the other :-) Earlier today I was able to start working on the presentation, I keep mentioning and complaining about, but then procrastination won once more. The good thing is, I’ve already finished my Grey’s review and after I’ve posted the last batch of project365 photos, there shouldn’t really anything left to distract me from the work I have to do. We’ll see about that…

I took another week of this project in January, so these start on January 23rd. These photos have a theme… I’m sure you’ll figure out what it is :-)

232 Week 35-1

233 Week 35-2

234 Week 35-3

235 Week 35-4

236 Week 35-5

237 Week 35-6

238 Week 35-7

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