Project365: 253 – 259 (Week 38)

There are still a few more unwritten posts stuck in my head, but I’m not sure when I will ever get around to pinning those down. There is work. And a 20 pages termpaper to write within the next two weeks. And… well, lots of other stuff…

253 Week 38-1
2010-02-22: calendar on my office desk

254 Week 38-2
2010-02-23: Until that day I honestly never noticed
this sculpture in next town’s city center

255 Week 38-3
2010-02-24: No, I don’t own enough USB drives yet ;-)

256 Week 38-4
2010-02-25: Another attempt to not just buy the magazine,
but also find the time to read it

257 Week 38-5
2010-02-26: Figuring out the various budget numbers

258 Week 38-6
2010-02-27: Largest hotel bedroom I’ve ever slept in

259 Week 38-7
2010-02-28: “Xynthia” makes me worry a bit about those two trees

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