Short and full of randomness…

My computer mouse sucks  + + + I read somewhere, that a low blood pressure can be caused by not drinking enough water / fluids. I now try to drink enough and have to use the bathroom much more frequently than before. Which kind of sucks as well + + + I hate long days at work and there will be another one of those tomorrow + + + There is no way I could have managed to write the paper in time this week. Right choice to just flunk it. Still feel bad about it though + + + I finally started watching White Collar again and enjoyed episodes 7 and 8. Didn’t find the time for the next ones yet. And then there is LOST and there will be Grey’s… + + + Planning a road trip vacation is so so time consuming. Trying to find a decent and affordable place to sleep for 4 persons during peak season (Indian Summer – east coast Canada/USA). But at least the effort paid off. Managed to book two accomodations for our Indian Summer trip during the last few days. Hopefully will be able to book another one later this week. + + + I bought a new bag today. Not because I needed it. But I had to kill some time and have never been to that shop before and there was a discount. And you can never own enough bags… + + + There were a few more things I thought I should mention, but I can’t remember what those were ;-)

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