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I had an insanely busy week at work. I guess that happens when your colleague is out of the office for most of the week and lots of assignments turn up. There alsow as a lot to do in my 2nd job, which led to an packed Friday afternoon. There also was a lot of local politics stuff to take care of and before I knew it is Saturday again and I haven’t manage to write another blog post so far. To be honest there isn’t really so much newsworthy stuff to report, because of all the things I mentioned in the first few sentences.
I don’t know how much of this post I’ll manage to write tonight, because I’m following Nom24, the 24 hour live blogging of German TV on nomnomnom and it’s so much fun. But very very distracting. Anyway. Besides work and stuff I’ve also been busy with attending some nice events or doing nice stuff, so that might have added to the stress I had during the last 10 days.

I think I didn’t mention that hai_di and I’ve been to the Sunrise Avenue Unplugged concert last Friday. Fantastic show, because Samu has such a great voice and Osmo had great ideas for unplugged arrangments and it was really so much fun to watch. And awesome to listen to. Yesterday we went so see Livingston in concert. At the same venue where we’ve seen them for the first time 2 years ago. They were supporting Revolverheld and they did such a great show. We knew we had to keep uptodate with what they were up to and thanks to myspace we managed to. We’ve seen them in concert a few more times since then but it was just great to be back at to where it all started :-) And of course the concert was awesome. As usual.

On Tuesday I drove all the way to Cologne to be at the Diana Gabaldon reading during the LitCologne literature festival. I really enjoyed that as well. Diana read in English one chapter of the latest novel of the Outlander series (“Echo in the Bone”) and the german actress who’s doing the audiobooks read a few more chapters in German. In between Diana answered a couple of questions about her career and her writing and all that. I didn’t learn anything new really, because I’ve read the “Outlandish Companion” and follow her blog and all. But it was still fun to see her in person, even though it was from far away. I thought about taking a book to have it signed, but then I forgot to pack one and I probably wouldn’t have joined that looong waiting line in the end after all.

I managed to finally finish watching “White Collar”, which is definitely one of my new favourite shows and I’m really looking forward to season 2 in the summer. Tonight I also caught up with LOST and Flash Forward, which are two more of my favourite shows and this week’s episodes didn’t disappoint me. The Sawyer I loved in the earlier seasons seems to be back and Flash Forward is so full of surprises. I’m a tiny bit concerned that it might get to complicated with all the new revelations the show provides every week. On the other hand it was the same with LOST and I’m still hooked on that show, so I really shouldn’t worry too much.

Maybe I should start taking notes during the week about what I want to blog about on the weekend (or whenever I find the time to do so). I feel like there was more stuff, but I just can’t remember it at the moment. And just while I was typing that I remembered at least one thing :-)

I had to take my mom to the eye specialist at the hospital for a consult. The local eye specialist diagnosed her with beginning cataract (in German: Grauer Star) a few years ago and adviced her to have regular check-ups. Then the heartattack happenend and all the other stuff and my mom forgot about the checkups. She went on Thursday, because she had some problems with her sight and the local specialist obviously was rather concerned and told her to go to the eye clinic at hospital very soon. She was told she could come in on Friday morning, so I took her and spend 3.5 hours with her in the waiting room and at various examantions. Result: She needs surgery, which is usually no big thing, because it’s quite a standard and usually outbound procedure nowadays. Because of her medical history and all the meds my mom has to take, they want to keep her in the hospital for that, especially as they plan to operate both eyes (not at the same time though, but one after the other). So she’ll be in hospital for a week at the end of April. But that’s actually not what I wanted to write about :-)

When we got to the hospital and found the right floor, we saw a waiting room and a secretary’s office and it all looked really really nice. Cream colored walls, comfy chairs, lots of magazines to read, free coffee in real cups (not paper or plastic). It felt a lot like the dermatology floor on Grey’s Anatomy last season. Nice, I thought. We went into that office to announce that we were here for a consult and the secretary inquired about my mom’s health insurance. When she heard that it’s one of the ordinary public healt insurance, she told us, that we were at the wrong office and told us where to go. When we turned the corner, we realized what she meant. We entered a rather plain corridor, with plain chairs. No free magazines and definitely no free coffee in real cups. Only a coffee maker, with plastic cups where you had to pay 1 EUR for your Latte (It was a rather good Latte though). But the contrast was extraordinary! Talking about two class medicine ;-) Although I have to say, that I don’t think the medicine itself wasn’t as good as it would have been at the area for the patients with private health insurance. It was just the exterior but that difference was quite astonishin


  1. I love your conversational way of writing. My spouse is German too. What part are you from? Your life sounds so much more exciting and interesting. Be very thankful. You could have a life that does nothing.

    1. Thanks. My life at the moment isn’t boring, that’s for sure. I’m from the German State “North-Rhine-Westfalia” which is in western Germany. I live at the outskirt of the metropolitan area “Ruhrgebiet”. About 50 miles from Cologne (which is NOT part of the Ruhrgebiet, but probably the most known town in this state.

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