Project365: 302 – 308 (Week 45)

Last week’s project365 photos. After lounging on my patio for a while I’ll head over to my Mom’s for a bit to see if there is something left of my birthday cake :-) And to pick up my wallet, which I obviously forgot there. I have no idea why I even took it out of my bag, when I returned the car keys. I wasn’t drunk and confused. Well, confused maybe *g*

302 week 45-1
2010-04-16: New News Magazine

303 week 45-2
2010-04-17: Lot of sun & light and I like it…

304 week 45-3
2010-04-18: First lunch on the patio in 2010

305 week 45-4
2010-04-19: This happens when the letters are easily peeled off

306 week 45-5
2010-04-20: Stylish waiting room at the new cardiology wing

307 week 45-6
2010-04-21: I don’t have green thumb,
so nature’s daisies are the only flowers near my patio ;-)

308 week 45-7
2010-04-22: “Viertelstunde… schaffst du schon!” ;-)

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