Project365: 316 – 322 (Week 47)

At least 2 real posts will be up tomorrow afternoon. I hope. Another one about the latest Lynley novel, my review of Grey’s, which I in fact enjoyed quite a lot this week. Especially compared to last week. Most probably also a post about tonight’s world record icehockey game. I’m so so looking forward to it. In less than three hours Bro3, Hai_di and I will get into the car to get to the stadium. I already have my Team Jersey, scarf and other Team Germany fan stuff ready to dress up and all. It’s going to be so much fun, but I still have to figure out how many layers of clothes to wear beneath the team jersey. Right now it doesn’t feel like spring at all :-(

Well, here is the latest batch of project365 photos…

316 week 47-1
2010-04-30: In my mom’s garden…

317 week 47-2
2010-05-01: Shafts Sign flyer

318 week 47-3
2010-05-02: Addicted to Color Puzzle (on my Palm Pre)

319 week 47-4
2010-05-03: Sculpture at Grillo Theatre

320 week 47-5
2010-05-04: Typical doodle on my office desk pad

321 week 47-6
2010-05-05: Spring at the inner city park

322 week 47-7
2010-05-06: After all, still and always… *sigh*


    1. Great thing about color puzzle is that it’s really fast (15-20 sec per round) and it’s not getting more difficult. Trying to get up higher in the rankings I just have to play a LOT of games to collect all the points. But because its so fast and not difficult its perfect for the short breaks, waiting in line somewhere etc.

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