Project365: 323 – 329 (Week 48)

How can it already be Friday night again? What did I do during that last two days, which I had off from work? Oh, well, I slept. And slept some more… at least that what it felt like. I thought about writing my Grey’s review tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Because just now remembered that I still haven’t watched the latest “Brothers & Sisters” episode. Watching hockey totally messed my weekly TV schedule ;-) Anyway, here are this weeks project365 photos. Thematically one-sided, I know ;-)

323 week 48-1
2010-05-07: Getting ready for game 1

324 week 48-2
2010-05-08: souvenir of the opening game

325 week 48-3
2010-05-09: Checked 3 times if I put these tickets into my wallet for games on the following day

326 week 48-4
2010-05-10: The Hockey World is visiting Germany

327 week 48-5
2010-05-11: Waiting to be worn the next day

328 week 48-6
2010-05-12: Urmel (official mascot) pins on my new “official” cap.
(I usually never buy/wear (baseball) caps, but I liked the form and fit of this one)

329 week 48-7
2010-05-13: Urmel everywhere…

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