Project365: 351 – 357 (Week 52)

When I switched from having a theme for each week to just counting the weeks, I must have miscounted them, because I’ve reached the end of week 52 at the 357th photo. Ehm, clearly, somewhere along a week got lost ;-) I will continue for the next few days, so that there will be 365 photos in the end. Until then…. here are the few from last week.

351 week 52-12010-06-23: Black suit for a sad occassion

352 week 52-22010-06-24: Indian vegetarian Chili

353 week 52-32010-06-25: Our very own (and new, obviously) maple tree

354 week 52-42010-06-26: Lush bath product

355 week 52-52010-06-27: new nail polish, matching the bracelet

356 week 52-62010-06-28: Testing the new Starbucks coffee drinks

357 week 52-72010-06-29: Billboard at the trainstation


  1. of COURSE starbucks! I did have a mocha myself this week. It was divine, and payment to myself for having to fast for my bloodwork.

    1. These are a new product in german supermarkets (not at Starbucks itself) and of course I had to give it a try, especially with these temeperatures! I need my caffeine, but I don’t want to drink something hot, when I’m already sweating :-)

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