Day 2 in Stockholm

OMG, I’m so exhausted. If you had put a bed for me somewhere in Stockholm City around 4 pm I would have gladly gone to sleep. Right then and there. Being a tourist is hard work :-) I actually had planned to visit another museum after 4 pm, because I want to make good use of my StockholmCard. But the bus that should have taken me to the museum just didn’t show up, so after some relaxing, sitting on the bench, waiting for any bus, I spend another 90 minutes just strolling around the main shopping area in central Stockholm. Didn’t really buy much, but I most of all wanted to kill the time until I could sit down for dinner and then head out to my hotel :-)

I’m too tired to write a lengthy report now and will do that sometime next week (about the whole trip then), but I wanted to share two photos I took today. The first is from the Golden Hall at Stadshuset, Stockholm’s town hall, build in the 1920s. I have been there once before in August 1997, when Hai_di and another friend paid me a visit while I was studying here. I did the guided tour once again this time and it felt like I heard most of the stories the guide told us for the first time. Which could even be the case, but I doubt it, because these are the stories of the townhall and every guide should tell these stories to the visitors. Anyway, the walls of the Golden Hall are coved with large mosaics- Most of the pieces are covered with a tiny layer of gold, hence the name, and it’s quite an impressive sight. At the head of the hall the mosaic shows a large woman, symbolizing the city of Stockholm in the center of the world. Left and right to her feet are the east and the west of the world and the details were really stunning…


The other picture I took in the churchyard of Storkyrkan, the old cathedral in Gamla Stan, the medieval old town. There is a small playground in this churchyard or at least some playground equipment. If you know me or if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will know why I just had to take this picture of this so very Swedish rocking horse :-)


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