2010 In Pictures

There might be another Year 2010 review post later this week. Or maybe not. I have a vague idea of it, but I’m not sure if I’m willing to actually sit down and write it. I’m really, really lazy at the moment. I also thought about writing a “Getting to know the Bravermans” post about my Parenthood marathon of the last few days. But that most probably won’t get written either. We’ll see.

My shoulder still hurts at certain movements and I probably shouldn’t have sorted through some of the chaos in my livingroom, because of course I needed both hands to move some stuff, so the shoulder didn’t get the rest it probably needs. Plus: I’m getting a cold, which sucks. These days feels less like a vacation and more like a sick leave *sigh*

I don’t want to write too much of a review here (because it is supposed to be the visual review) but I didn’t take pictures every month and sometimes had a hard time to choose one for the month. Some of the “Project365” photos are included, for the lack of any better pictures ;-)

101227 01-2010
Started with a lot of snow during the opening of the “Capital of Culture 2010” events. I was volunteering at the opening event and had a lot of fun. Despite the snow.

251 Week 37-6
I had two MS attacks this year. One in February, one in in the summer. It sucks whenever those happen, but all in all I’m doing ok and I’m grateful for that.

261 week 39-2
I didn’t work as much for grad school as I had hoped I would. Well, I did much less, than I hoped I would. These textbooks didn’t help me to get the paper done in time, so I flunked. Again :-)

Tower Bridge, London
Wonderful trip to beautiful London.

WM Schalke 003
IIHF Hockey World Championship 2010. We did hold the world record for largest audience for the opening game until “The Big Chill at the Big House” on December 11th, 2010.

View from the playingfield during the concert
Volunteered and had an amazing experience at the “Day of Song!” concert with dozens of differernt choirs.

A40 during "Still-Leben"
Another big event of the Capital of Culture year. Closing down the highway for a day.

Vasa and her 1/10 scale model
Another wonderful trip to another beautiful city: Stockholm.

101227 09-2010
A childhood dream come true: Visiting Green Gables on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Had the most amazing Indian Summer day around Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, USA.

New Flat
New flat.

Winter 011
Snow… again :-)


    1. Hihi… well, these shelves are my pride and joy. To look at and to have enough space to put new books and… Well, I really like them a lot.

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