Miscellaneous, 30 January 2011

If I never get around to posting a real one-topic-post anymore, at least I should find time for this kind of post. I’ve actually planned to post this last night. The post was almost completely written, but then I was just too tired to finish it. Today I’ve been busy with various things and most of all with following the Daytona 24 hours on various live streams. The things I do as a Paddy fangirl :-) The Dempsey Racing team is doing great and might end up on the podium [I hope to have this post up before the race ends, because, like I said, it was supposed to be up about 24 hours ago ;-.) ]

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I’ve been pretty busy all week and still not doing really ok (health-wise), so I didn’t feel like collecting my thoughts and writing them down. I’m still suffering from current MS symptoms,. It might be a new MS attack, even though it’s actually only considered a new one if it occurs 4 weeks after the old attack. Which these symptoms didn’t, it was just a few days. I decided to not see my doc about it for several reasons. I didn’t want to get another round of IVs, especially since they didn’t help much during the first/old attack. The symptoms will go away with or without IVs, the IVs just might help to speed up the process. So I have to be patient, which is hard sometimes. But I think it got better, i.e. the symptoms lessened a bit over the last few days. I also didn’t went to see my doc, because I’m not ready yet to talk and decide about the new treatment he suggested. I’m not as confused and in emotional turmoil as I have been, but I still need to gather some more information and to collect all the questions I have and all that. I actually had planned to do that this week and this weekend, but I had too many other things on my mind. And am actually grateful that the MS isn’t all I can think about, like it had been last week, after I learned that I’m actually doing worse than I thought. So I still have to think about some stuff, but I don’t do it all the time, which is nice. And I really don’t want to step into the neurological practice before my appointment in March. I guess I’ll see more than enough of it in the week/months after that…

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I kind of screwed up something at work on Tuesday. There were not negative consequences for the project or myself. So it wasn’t really a big mistake, that I did what I did.But my boss was really mad when he talked to me about it and I felt so bad. It really ruined my day. But I guess that’s just life…

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I’m so glad that this year’s German version of I’m a celebrity – get me out of here” ended last night. I didn’t watch it and I didn’t want to hear/read/see anything about it. But the discussion about it was happening everywhere on the web and in the newspapers, even the ones where I would have never expected it. Why can’t we just ignore shows like these? Every aspect of it *sigh*? Sometimes I wish I had a filter, which lets me just not notice these headlines, tweets, commentary in the papers.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I’m listening to “The Fry Chronicles” at the moment and I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to follow Stephen’s train of thought because he is not talking about his life strictly chronologically. But it really is a lot of fun. One of my favourite parts so far was his confession that he cheated on all of his English literature exams at college, because no matter what the question about anything regarding Shakespeare’s work was, he always just wrote down the same theory about Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies, which he had read somewhere else before. Of course he had to interpret the exam’s question accordingly but it always worked, especially since Stephen had a perfect memory of Shakespeare’s work and literature on Shakespeare, so he could always give different quotes for his theory.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I’ve also started reading the biography about Robert Enke, the goalie on our national football team, who committed suicide in November 2009, because he suffered from severe depression. It’s a great book, written by a journalist who was a good friend of Robert and who had talked to various people from Robert’s private and professional life. It’s not the typical biography, which just recounts the events of a life, but it’s trying and succeeding in giving insight. Into the life of a person suffering from depression. Into the tough and crazy world of professional sports. The team owners, the coaches, the fans, the media…
The book manages to show that Robert was such wonderful, warm, down-to-earth, great person and so is his widow Teresa and it’s really sad to read about or just know what they had to go through. It really made me cry a few times and I’m only halfway through. His marriage proposal for instance was such a cute idea. He gave her a goalie jersey as a birthday present, which she thought was really lame (and she is right, isn’t she *g*?) but he urged her to put it on and to check out her look in the mirror. When made her turn around to see how she looks from behind she noticed that on the jersey’s back it said “Teresa Enke” and the number 1 was covered with a question mark made from ducttape. Isn’t that adorable *sigh*?

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

With all the spoilers about upcoming Grey’s episodes I’m dreading the rest of the season. I’m happy that one of the next episodes will center on Meredith at work, but I don’t expect much for the rest of the season. When I was doing a backup of some of my data (including TV shows episodes) last weekend I stopped to watch a few scenes from earlier Grey’s seasons. I think they really should have ended the show with the season 4 finale, the house of candles. I know it would have needed some more to be “The End” so there should have been a few more episodes. I liked quite a lot of the MerDer storyline after season 4, but I was bored or annoyed by a lot of other stuff going on. Dead Denny. The Mercy West residents. Owen Hunt (because he also brought Teddy. Well sort of). Looking back I’m not sure anymore if the nice MerDer stuff really outweighed all the bad stuff after season 4. It definitely doesn’t do that anymore in season 7.

I’m so glad there is fanfiction to fill the void the show created over the last couple of years. I don’t read as much fanfiction as I used to in the early years, but still some. My favourite writer AriaAdagio has created epub and mobi files of her current story and her previous one. I don’t have any kind of E-Reader like a Kindle, but Aria also told me about the Kindle for PC version and I put that one on my netbook yesterday. It’s working well and to be able tio read her stories in one piece and with all the luxury any E-Reader (or in my case E-Reader software) provides it’s even more fun. I spend an hour in bed last night and another this morning and skimmed through “Lightning Strikes Twice” and re-read all my favourite parts…

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

My rather old desktop computer had problems starting yesterday which happens every once in a while. I usually just have to jiggle the casing a bit or if that doesn’t work jiggle some of the plugs and connections inside. When I opened the computer I thought that maybe I should use that opportunity to clean the inside a bit. Dusting it off. And there was a lot of dust. A LOT of dust. I have to admit I can’t remember the last time I really cleaned the insides of this computer. I probably never really did clean the inside. Which explains why during the last few years there was a rather loud whirring sound for about 15 minutes every time I started the computer. I got used to it, but now I finally cleaned the computer fan. Really cleaned it. I had no idea my computer could work so silently :-)

While I was at it I decided I really should buy a new keyboard and mouse, because the one I had kind of sucked. I “inherited”/borrowed a wireless set from Bro3, because I ruined my old keyboard, when I spilled tea on it, just before I moved flats. And the mouse I had needed a longer cable or a USB hub on my desk, which I hadn’t had then. I don’t really like wireless mouse and keyboard, so yesterday I drove to the store and finally buy new ones. I really have to stop buying so much new stuff constantly…

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

This week’s theme for Project365 was “Tired” and I had a very hard time shooting pictures. I was so uninspired. And tired (oh, the irony) and busy. I took pictures and will post them. Sometime next week…

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  1. Hope says:

    I hope you feel better, and soon!

    Your computer will last longer and run better if it’s not full of dust. :)

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