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I’m busy with work and other stuff at the moment. Not special fun stuff, just …. stuff. Anyway, my sofa was delivered on Friday, almost two weeks before I expected it, so that was a very nice suprise.
I went to IKEA on Friday evening after work to buy a coffeetable, which I hadn’t owned yet, because there hadn’t been any space for one in my one-room-apartment. Now that the sofa was set up and I knew what size a table could be I wanted to buy one right away, even it is was just a cheap one from IKEA. I don’t have the funds to be able to afford a really good solid one at the moment anyway, so IKEA will have to do for this year and maybe even the next :-)
I found one that fit the space and my idea of what it should look like perfectly and it cost only 20 EUR (less than $30) and had it assembled easily (more or less *g*) on Friday night, when I got home.

It’s really weird to sit on the sofa on this side of the livingroom and look at the opposite wall (where my desk is and where I’m sitting right now) because it’s still such a new perspective of the room ;-) The wall behind my desk chair is very bare and I have to think of something to put up there.

Except for that, I love the sofa and the table and just the fact that my livingroom is now finally fully furnitured. And this is what it looks like…

110306 sofa

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