Today's Leftovers, 9th Issue, 2011

Two weeks ago I was so determined to start writing more. I obviously haven’t done that (yet) for various reasons. I will try to do better in July. Like I hope the second half of 2011 will treat me better health-wise, because the year pretty much sucked so far in that regard. I did try to write one special blog post about something that happened and which stayed on my mind for long time. But I gave up after three different attempts, because it wasn’t really my story to tell in the first place.

~ ~ ~ ~

I went to see „Transformers – Dark Side of the Moon” today and had a good time. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have invested money in a movie ticket for this movie, because these kind of movies usually are not my thing. But it was entertaining enough and Patrick Dempsey was worth every cent IMHO. He did look yummy and he did a great job playing this character who was a far cry from Dr. McDreamy.

~ ~ ~ ~

I’m spending way too much time in „Stars Hollow” (i.e. watching „Gilmore Girls” DVDs) at the moment. I know I should catch up with my current shows, if only Lorelai and Rory wouldn’t get in the way all the time :-) I’ve watched the first two episodes of „Switched at Birth”, liked it a lot and intend to keep watching. Sometime later this summer *g* ? I had to grin when I recognized „Lane Kim” in the Transformers movie, because I had no idea she was starring in it.

~ ~ ~ ~

Today was the annual „Healt Care Day” at our company, where they offer various medical check ups for free like (blood pressure, lung capacity…) but also a lot of different information, free massages and the chance to try out various work outs. I did a beginners Zumba class, which was exhausting, but kind of fun. But only kind of, because I was confirmed in my expecation: I’m too clumsy for Zumba. Much to clumsy. Seriously, how can anyone move their lower and upper extremities in different directions at that fast pace? I definitely can’t. Or maybe I just need (a lot) more practice.

~ ~ ~ ~

There were other tidbits I wanted to share, but I don’t remember any of those at the moment. Maybe they’ll come back to me over the weekend.

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