Mug Shot #11: A Chocoholic’s Mug

I’ve got at least two more blog posts lined up. At least in my head, so I have no idea if they will ever reach the blog (or even the keyboard and screen *g*). But I wanted to at least share a new mug shot of one of my mug souvenirs from Scotland. It’s not a typical scottish mug, but I found it there, so it’s a souvenir nonetheless. To be honest my friend found it in this cute store in Portree on the Isle of Skye, I think. I would have to check my receipts to be sure, because we have been in so many cute stores.
I might have found it on my own while I was browsing the store, but ¬†she pointed it out to me at first. She just knows me so well…



    1. Oh, please post your “mug shots” one day, it’s fun to see various kinds of mugs from other places. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can hold Paxlet in your arms asap ;-)

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