Jumble of Thoughts 013

I wouldn’t mind the heat wave so much, if it didn’t turn even more drivers into jerks. Or maybe they’ve always been jerks and the heat and sun only reveals it. Like the sun and the glitter on Edward Cullen’s body.

Yes, I think the heat has also officially wrecked my brain.

° ° ° °

I’ve been feeling a bit weird these last few days or even weeks, maybe. Not health-wise, just off, unfocused and insecure and doubting myself about a lof of stuff and likewise beating myself up for stuff I do or don’t do. No idea where that is coming from. [I’d love to blame that on the heatwave as well, but that really wouldn’t be fair]

° ° ° °

A few uplifting nice moments in this heatwave induced mental and emotional fog I’m wading in at the moment: Kids! Not mine (obviously) and not even in my circle of friends and family, kids I encountered rather randomly.
The cute baby girl at the checkout line at the supermarket. She didn’t quite have the “waving back” down, but she was very interested in her surroundings. When I smiled at her, she immediately smiled back. Big smile. When I waved at her she smiled even more, but like I said, her “waving” needs a bit work. Not for lack of trying though. Very cute.
And the other day I crossed paths with a mom and her 4-5 year old son during my lunch break. The mom was dressed in a funky way and the boy wore a The Ramones shirt. Logo and name on the front, “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” on the back. I grinned all the way back to my office.

° ° ° °

Last week I caved and ordered something from Amazon I had been set my eyes on for a while. A box set with all “Calvin & Hobbes” comic strips.
Ten years of daily comic strip, with a very nice introdcution by the artist and so many wonderful, cute, wise and downright amazing, giggling and laughter inducing Calvin & Hobbes stories. It definitely helps to cheer me up and maybe it was just what I need(ed).

° ° ° °

And maybe all of this is just my way of passing time until @heughan shares a photo of himself in a kilt. I guess once he’ll actually makes good of this promise, you’ll have to wipe me off the floor ;-)

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