Jersey Vacation 2014, Day 1

Do you remember the time – way back then, it seems – when you turned on the auto-reply in your emails and announced to your internet friends that you were off to a vacation and thus offline for some time? Because, yes there were internet caf├ęs but it always was a hassle to catch up on stuff or to even write an update yourself, while the minutes you paid for were running out?
I thought about that this morning at the airport, waiting to board my flight. And maybe this reminiscence is also prompted by a tweet by Sam Heughan a few days ago, when he had lost his phone and wrote that it was strangely liberating. I know I tend to spend too much time on things like Twitter and Instagram these days and especially during or after a vacation I feel the urge to share all kinds of stuff. Recently I sometimes think, this urge to share or document it (online) keeps me from really fully experiencing the moment, if you know what I mean. Thinking about which picture to share with which caption instead of just being there, soaking in the moment. Making memories for myself (in my mind) and not necessarily in my Instagram feed. Maybe it’s the fact that I often travel on my own and don’t have someone there with me to share the moment with directly? Anyway, I will try to tone down my urge to “OMG share/post all the things right away” and instead try to just be present in that moment. Which doesn’t mean I won’t share stuff via a blog post every evening :-)

It was so nice to return to this island this afternoon. I had the aisle seat, so I could only glimpse outside during the landing, but I did manage to get a glimpse of Corbiere Lighthouse *squee*. And it was really weird, in a good way,to look left and see the coast and the ocean and to look right and see the ocean as well. Yes, it’s a rather tiny island and I love it. I didn’t really do anything special after I got to my hotel, just tried to find my way around the small town again. And have a coffee and scones with jam and cream. And later on a really amazing dinner. I’m afraid I might gain all the pounds I have lost over the last few weeks…



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