#MicroblogMondays 6: A Day at the Zoo

Is it a Microblog if there are tons of pictures ;-)? 

On Saturday a friend and I spent a lovely day at my favourite zoo. We’ve been to this zoo together a few times since it opened (remodelled and all) in 2005. Since last year I’ve even got a season ticket, because I’ve started working in the same town and the zoo is just a few minutes detour on my way home. So, I’ve been there for a quick visit and stroll around after work a few times, but Saturday was the first whole day I spent there in a while. A whole glorious day with blue sky, sunshine and enough time to watch lots and lots of animals playing around or just chilling in the sun…

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    1. Thanks, Mel! The bears were fun to watch, just like the racoons. My favourite might have been the sea lions this time, but it’s really hard to choose :)

    1. Thanks! I love the zoo as well and this day has been so perfect. And we’ve been lucky weather-wise, as it’s been raining almost nonstop since the day after the visit.

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