12 of 12 – July 2015

I guess a rainy Sunday, where I knew I’d stay in and be lazy (because I was slightly hungover after an impromputu barbecue at Bro2’s last night. With lots of free booze), wasn’t the smartest idea do start joining the #12of12 (or “#12von12” in German) photo project. The basic idea is to take 12 photos of your day on the 12th of a month and share them. Via Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Blog or whatever…

So here is my rather boring 12th July 2015…

I slept in until 10:30 AM, because… Hangover! And even though I checked Twitter and my feedreader on my phone while I was still in bed, one of the first acts of the day was to turn on the computer and Twitter is always the first page I visit.

A large cup of coffee in one of my favourite mugs from beautiful Halifax helped me to get started. Although I didn’t do much besides move from desk to couch to kitchen to couch again. Most of the time reading…

It’s always nice, when the Spotify “Music like Frank Turner” radio starts WITH Frank Turner’s new single: The Next Storm.

This window decoration in my kitchen is the only thing that felt like summer today…

Late lunch around 4 PM with leftovers from last night’s barbecue :-)

And back to some reading, with a change of scenery: Fatboy beanbag instead of the couch…

Too late for coffee, but I needed something hot, so chocolate cappucchino and a few pieces of my favourite chocolate for dessert. Or something.

Throwing in a photo of some art on my kitchen wall, because there isn’t really anything interesting to take a photo of in my apartament.

Because like I wrote above. Lazy day. Reading. Shuffling around in comfy slippers.

I know I should have spend some of my Sunday going through some of those travel guides again, but my mind was to tired to really concentrate on making detailed plans. It was just awake enough to tear through a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel :-)

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