My 18th Frank Turner show (a few first thoughts)

Real quick as I still have some packing to do and should catch a few hours of sleep before my alarm will go off in about 5 hours. But I know some of my Twitter friends might be waiting for some recap of the night.

My 18th Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls show was great. Small venue, no barrier. I really liked the choice of songs. He didn’t play Glory Hallelujah which is the song during which I usually catch my breath & take some more pictures, so I didn’t get a chance to do either :-). From where I stood the lighting on stage messed up most pics anyway.

I sent Frank a song request in advance (3 to choose from, to be honest) and mentioned my  birthday in that mail. He did play one of the songs – Sailor’s Boots – but I’ll probably never know if my mail was the reason for that. Doesn’t really matter anyway. It’s one of my favourite songs and I love that I had the pleasure to see him play it tonight. On the day I was geeking out about an old, large sailing ship – the Vasa – to boot. My birthday was off the radar in any other regard and I’m totally fine with that.

I didn’t managed to catch Frank afterwards unfortunately. Would have loved to talk about the ABBA experience with him. And other stuff. Next time, then. Hopefully….

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