10.01.2019 | Anticipation. Numbers. Sleep.

Anticpiation | The joyful kind. At some point today I got a reminder email that I’ve booked a flight to Manchester two weeks from now. To see Frank. And Frank. And more Frank (in Leeds) . But also to meet two lovely friends I made through his music. I probably wouldn’t have scheduled that trip so soon after the German tour, if it weren’t for them. *pauses for a second* Oh screw this, I might have done it either way. I’m a fangirl.

Numbers | A meeting and a conference call this morning were cancelled on short notice, because the coworker in charge had to call in sick. Which meant I could delve right in with a new responsibilty I kind of volunteered to take over at the office: Keep track of our team’s budget. There have been some staff changes in our team this past year and we realized while the various project staff kept track of their project budgets, no one really tracked the overall. The department has a budget team for the whole department, who keep track of orders and actually pay the bills and such, but still the various budgets are the teams’ responsibilities. Within our team we can move money from one project to another, but to be able to do that, we all need to know which project has which budget available at any given time in the year. And at the end of last year, we realized we need to keep better track of the overall team budget ourselves and can’t rely solely on the department’s finance team for that. Thus I spend most of my day merging and standarising various budget spreadsheets. Discussing budgets with coworkers. I like numbers and I’m doing allright working with spreadsheets, referencering cells from various sheets to another and all that jazz. But even I reach a limit at some point…

Sleep | I’m planning to go to bed after I post this and another half-finished post. So hopefully before 9:30. Earlier tonight I felt my body sort of crashing down and I almost went to bed already at that point. Maybe I should have…

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