About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Susanne, I’m a 40-something, single, no kids. Born, raised and still residing in a small-ish town, on the edge of a metropolitan area in Germany.

I’ve always preferred writing to talking. When you have some self-esteem issues, like I do, writing is just the more comfortable form of communication. I’m a bit paranoid about how much personal details to share online, so some of this post and also in the blog itself might be purposefully vague.

I’m also really good at procrastinating, which might have it’s root in all the worrying and self-doubting and such. It’s complicated.

I’ve been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1997. I try to not make a big deal about it and I’ve managed to live a pretty ordinary life even with MS so far. Since 2000 I’ve been using various kinds of medications to help my immune system handling this disease. With each necessary switch of medication in the last couple of years, I experienced an MS attack, which sucked, but after that I never experienced any difficulties and my latest MRI to chart the disease’s progress came back clear, as in no change to the last two years, which is very good news.

I’m a Green, as in literally a member of the Green Party. Not just a member, but also an active one, with campaigning and sitting on town council and such. Protecting the environment, halting climate change, building a fairer society, have always been issues I considered important and joining the Green Party was somehow inevitable, once I thought I should actually do something to support these issues.

Since 2012 I’m also working in the environmental / climate change field (in the broadest sense), and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to know, that what you do all day long might actually have some impact on issues you also personally support. But this also makes it sometimes more frustrating when projects fall through for various reasons.

Even though I’m a German, I really really love the English language. I like to believe I got that from my dad, who was an English teacher. When I was 11 years old, he took me to England for three weeks, where he went to some advance training and I was enrolled in school. I still have no idea how I managed to “survive”, because I had only learned English for 6 months until then. But looking back it was an amazing experience. These days I prefer reading novels, blogs and everything in English as well as watching TV shows or movies in English. Sometimes I do wonder if this self-imposed bilingualism is a good or bad thing…

I started blogging in German in 2004, switched hosting services a couple of times, changed the blog’s title a few times, switched from German to English and self-hosting in 2008.

At the end of 2013 I changed the name and address once more from “Choose To Be Me…” (which also is a song-title) to

“Before We Get Bored, Let’s Be Inspired…”

for two reasons: First, to remind myself to be less bored and more inspired (I’m still working on that one). Secondly – and more importantly to be honest – I did it to express my awe and admiration and gratitude for one of the most inspiring lyricists I know. The amazing Mr. Frank Turner. I’ve written about him a lot since I first discovered him in June 2013.  “My Year With Frank Turner” sums it up pretty well.

This blog isn’t all about Frank or music or concerts in general though. There are also posts about movies, books or TV shows.  Books and TV shows, like “Outlander”, which I love in every form :-)

Most of all there will probably a lot of random ramblings about my life in general…

You can reach me on Twitter @dennasus or via Email at susanne[at]ctbm.net

And here are 20 Really Random Facts About Me…