Frank Turner Shows

I stumbled across Frank Turner’s music rather accidentally in the summer of 2013 and was hooked right away. I wrote tons of blog posts about why I like his music and Frank himself as a person. All these posts can be found via the “Frank Turner” tag on this blog.

For quicker reference in the future, here is a list of my concert reviews.

13.04.2018 Manchester Academy , Manchester, UK | Tarrant was singing! 
 Level III, Swindon, UK | Craziest trip (so far)

07.08.2017 E-Werk, Erlangen, Germany | My 25th one
14.05.2017 Roundhouse, London, UK | Lost Evenings – “Greatest Hits II”
13.05.2017 Roundhouse, London, UK | Lost Evenings – “Sensible Sunday”
11.05.2017 Roundhouse, London, UK | Lost Evenings – “Greatest Hits I”
31.03.2017 La Laitiere, Strasbourg, France | My smallest venue so far

03.12.2016 Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland | My 20th show 
29.06.2016 Brückenforum Bonn, Germany | Where I met so many lovely people
24.04.2016 Debaser Midi, Stockholm, Sweden | The one on my birthday
29.01.2016 Palladium, Cologne, Germany | The end of the German tour
28.01.2016 Docks, Hamburg, Germany | The one where I carried the #FTHCFlag
27.01.2016 Docks, Hamburg, Germany | The one where Frank had so much fun
16.01.2016 Pier 2, Bremen, Germany | The one with many of my favourites
12.01.2016 Skater Palace, Münster, Germany | The start to my crazy PS4NP tour

03.09.2015 Underground, Cologne, Germany | The one where with all the jumping
04.06.2015 Den Atelier, Luxembourg | The one with my first “fan date
29.03.2015 Royal Albert Hall, London, UK | Where I bumped into him outside
26.03.2015 Cecil Sharpe House, London, UK | The one where I at least got the joke

17.08.2014 GamesCom, Cologne, Germany | Where Frank won over a new crowd
14.06.2014 Dudelange, Luxembourg | My first time at the barrier
16.03.2014 E-Werk, Cologne, Germany | My 1st time hearing “Sailor’s Boots” live
15.03.2014 Depot 1, Cologne, Germany | Where Frank talked about his lyrics
20.02.2014 Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany | With a German “Fields of June”
12.02.2014  O2 Arena, London, UK | With the biggest audience (for me anyway)

20.09.2013 E-Werk, Cologne, Germany | My first time meeting Frank
06.09.2013 Aladin, Bremen, Germany | My first show + hooked right away