A new beginning…

This evening I spent several hours to adjust the theme, layout and CSS of this blog until it finally looked the way I wanted it to. Well, I actually wanted to look it a bit different but I’ve got no idea how to manage that and I’m lacking the motivation to work on it more than I already did. Part of the “new blog – new start” plan was to not spend so much time with it.  I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Or next week… It’s always fun to get to know a new software with all it’s features and tricks and options. Even if it’s damn frustrating sometimes, it feels so good when you finally get the hang of it.

So here I go again at a new blogging service. Number four. Five if you count livejournal, but as I’m keeping that and cross-post my posts it can’t really be counted. It’s different this time though, because I’ll be changing a bit more than just the blogging service. It’s too late now to also post a goodbye and closing down post on my previous blog, but that’s the first thing I’ll be doing tomorrow. Well not the first :-), but as soon as I’ll find the time (during office hours).

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6 Responses to A new beginning…

  1. graefin says:

    You know that it will be hard for me not to correct small mistakes ;) But I try not to do so.
    It’s a very brave decision to blog in english now! I will bookmark you now°°°

  2. liljan98 says:

    I’ll probably make even more mistakes in German, because I type very fast (and think and “talk” very fast) and I sometimes don’t pay that much attention to it :-)

  3. graefin says:

    äähh yep, I know. The same for me!

  4. Chikatze says:

    Och neee! Auf Englisch?
    Sorry, aber dann verlierst Du leider gerade eine Leserin…!
    Schaaade. WP ist so eine gute Entscheidung!!!

  5. Jules says:

    Hm. Ich hab nichts gegen ein auf englisch geführtes Blog. Darf ich auf deutsch kommentieren?

  6. liljan98 says:

    Hier darf natürlich auch auf deutsch kommentiert werden. Den Hinweis müsste ich vielleicht noch mal irgendwo deutlich sichtbar machen :-)

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