LOST 4×09 – "The Shape of Things to Come"

Well… that was … quite something.

Beware! Spoilers ahead…

I wasn’t really that intrigued by most of the episode, but the end left me once again totally stunned. What is it with Ben and Widmore? How do they know each other and why do they both think that the island is their’s? Ben grew up there but what’s got Widmore to do with it? He must have known about the island and Ben years before the plane crashed there? And now Penny is in danger, too? Oh no, after that wonderful sort of happy ending for her and Desmond just recently.
I guess what ruined the episode for me was the smoke monster. This is the stupidest thing on the island for me and it looks so artificial. Couldn’t they use some more money to come up with a decent digital monster? It’s not even scary, it’s just laughable. I loved Sawyer in the episode, how he tried to protect Claire and Aaron and Hurley. Yay, that’s my hero! And what’s up with Jack? Is he getting sick? Did the island make him sick or is it something rather ordinary (like the appendix?), which still could be fatal on the island without the right medical care.
Why did Sayid bury Nadia in Tunesia? I get that he couldn’t do it in Iraq, where they both came from, but I still thought that’s strange. And was she really killed by one of Widmore’s men or was all of it just a really dirty trick from Ben to get Sayid working for him? I still don’t understand why Sayid wants to join in Ben’s crusade against Widmore, how can he trust Ben’s word at all? Just because Ben said Widmore is responsible, it doesn’t have to be the truth. Or am I just to predjudiced when it comes to Ben. He let Alex get killed in front of his eyes! Ok, the guy probably would have killed her (and everyone else on the island) anyway, but still… how can Ben be soo dettached from everything? What is he really trying to protect (except his life)?

I could probably come up with a lot of additional questions, but right now my mind’s to occupied with being nervous and excited because of the Canada vacation :-)

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  1. Nadia was buried in Iraq. Ben was in Tunisia when he saw Sayid on TV, but after that, they’re in Iraq. You must have missed the subtitle.

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