Movie premiere "The Red Baron"

I don’t want to take advantage of my free internet at work tomorrow, or better to not misuse my working hours for private stuff too much. I’ll use it for private stuff anyway, but I shouldn’t overuse that. So I’m writing about last night’s (7th April) movie premiere now, although I’m dead tired. I’ll try to make it short. Friends and I went to the advance showing of “The Red Baron” in Mettmann.

Mettmann is a small, very small town near Düsseldorf, which is the big capital of our federale state. The movie’s producer was born and raised in Mettmann and so someone in the town got him to do an advance showing there. In a very, very small movie theatre, one of the oldest in Germany. Our main reason to get tickets for that showing was our hope to meet the leading male Matthias Schweighöfer, because there were supposed to be actors in attendance. And there were, but just two from rather small supporting roles. Too bad. It still was fun, but probably for other reason than the organizer had intended. They did it like the really really big movie premiere in Berlin or London or even in Düsseldorf. But… it’s just Mettmann. It was sweet in it’s own way to see a red carpet on the street and there were decorations and that kind of stuff. There even was a camera filming how the people enter the foyer and it was broadcasted on the movie screen, which was entertaining to some degree, but rather because it was all so non-glamorous compared to “real” movie premieres.
They even roped off the street and towed away the cars, which parked in front of the theatre although there was nothing really happening in front of the theatre. There were no limos arriving with celebreties or anyone, but maybe some of the local celebreties like the mayor or the CEO of the biggest company wanted to park directly in front of the small theatre? I have no idea, but it was really really strange.
And that event probably was a big deal for Mettmann, a lot of people were really dressed up and excited, but it still was low-scale. And it was so funny to listen to the conversations around us and to hear the comments about the people arriving, which we could watch on the screen. “Oh, look, there’s the old priest from church A”. It was so typical smalltown. And there is no smalltown without some jerks. A guy with the job-description: Rich kid. He took millions of pictures from the audience, the movie theatre, totally randomly and without thinking about how distracting it was for the rest of us.

The producer and someone from the Warner Bros. Germany said a few words before the showing, introduced some of the cast and crew and we were told that the leading male unfortunately couldn’t be there that night. So sad, because we went there with our hopes high to meet him. He send a personal and very, very cute video message though and apologized for not being able to be there, but he already was on location in the Alpes somewhere. “Even I have to earn some money to pay my bills and to support my six children, you all know how it is…” :-)

I’ll write a movie review later this week, but I wasn’t too impressed by it. Schweighöfer was definitely worth watching though, his acting was excellent and he just looked great. So maybe it was a good thing that he wasn’t there, because if I had met him I probably would be totally high and incoherent right now :-)

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