This game is killing me

Why am I not a fan of some sport like synchronized swimming? Or anything you can watch without being in danger of dying from cardiac arrest? I don’t know if I can survive more of these games. Sven Felski (Berlin) found the right words: “It must have been even harder for the fans to watch, because unlike the players as a fan you just can’t DO anything to help.”

Final series of the playoffs, best of five, the series is tied 1:1. Cologne @ Berlin.

1st period: For the first ten minutes Cologne obviously forgot how to play hockey. How to skate. How to pass. How to handle the puck. They just sucked! They got better in the second half, but still didn’t stand a chance, so Berlin lead 2:0.

2nd period: The game continued with a slightly superior Berlin team and the Sharks were getting back into the game as well, but never managed to score. They finally did with seven minutes left and started to play the way they are able to. They scored 2:2 with two minutes left in the 2nd period. The whole game was back to square one.

Last period: The game was absolutely balanced, with chances on both sides. I started to get nervous after the first ten minutes, because I knew if Berlin scored the next goal it would be difficult or even impossible for Cologne to score as well, as the time would be running out. Cologne seemed to be a little bit more active and agressive, but didn’t managed to score. With 3:21 minutes left in the last period Berlin scores 3:2. Damn it! Cologne is known to score the crucial goals within the last few minutes of a game, but I had my doubts if they could, because they didn’t play that great the whole night. With 1:05 minutes left a Berlin player took a penalty for delay of game, although it was debatable and some of these rules are really stupid. But I didn’t complain, not in a situation like this. Cologne scored 3:3 with 46 seconds left. Woooohoooo! At least we would go to overtime and everything would still be possible. 15 seconds later, with only 31 seconds left to play Berlin scored the winning goal. 4:3!

How do you survive a game like this ?!?!? Stupid question, as I’m obviously still alive, but it was exhausting. Nervwrecking. Just not healthy! My heart was probably beating at 150 bpm and I still have not calmed down completly. I doubt that I can fall asleep easily tonight. This game is killing me. But I love it :-)

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