This is not a hockey blog. Although…

…there are times when hockey just takes over. I don’t know if that’s because hockey really IS that important to me or just because nothing else noteworthy happens in my life. Both options seem a little pathetic. Never mind. The Cologne Sharks are in the playoff finals, Thanks to my friend I’ve got a ticket for the home game on Tuesday and I’m really really looking forward to it, because if the crowd is anything like they were last night, it’s going to be awesome.

I browsed through the recorded game this afternoon, the goals, the commentaries, interviews and opinions in the intermission and of course the last few minutes. So I just saw a tiny part of the whole 60 minutes but they made me a nervous wreck a lot of times. [I was about to write gave me a heartattack, but this ordinary phrase feels sooooo wrong to me after all we’ve been through. It’s strange how such an ordeal effects your language]. So, yes, nervwrecking, which is stupid, because I KNEW the result. But I still winced everytime Frankfurt had a really good chance, especially after L├╝demann scored the liberating 3:2 at 58 minutes. I was so nervous for the last two minutes. All the while I knew the result, so it was really stupid. But I couldn’t help myself.

I was soooo happy for the guys and I was really touched to see how happy they were themselves. They were jumping and cheering and hugging and just thrilled. And the crowd was totally insane and hearing them really gave me goosebumps. I just wish I could have been there to celebrate with them. But I hope we’ll have some thing to celebrate on Tuesday, when game 2 of the series will take place in Cologne. Another possible home game would take place on Sunday, and I don’t have any other dates or appointment on that day. Thank god. But maybe the series will be decided in three games already :-)? I’m not sure if the Sharks really could and will win the championship, because they’ll be playing against Berlin and most of the times when I saw Berlin play this season they were the superior team. To any team in the league. But playoffs got their own laws, right? So everything is possible….

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