Catching up with my (online and real) life

I should have taken a few more days off work to make the transition back to normal life a bit easier. I still haven’t read all my mail / blogs / journals, there are still several loads of laundry to wash, stuff to sort and things to prepare. I almost forgot I’ve got a meeting on Wendsday night and thus get right back into the stressful life I left two weeks ago. I should compile a new to-do-list soon *g*
But I’ll spend the evening relaxed, watching all the Paddy Interview clips I missend and definitely watching Grey’s again. And probably whine a little about Patrick Dempsey being in Berlin, Germany tomorrow for the MoH movie premiere and me not being able to be there trying to get a glimpse. I just got the information a few hours ago. Great! Although I have to admit that I’m not sure if I would have travelled to Berlin for that occasion if I had known about it earlier. But if I had planned more days off work beforehand at least I could have given it more thought and gone there sponatneously. Which I probably wouldn’t have done anyway. I had my share of spontaneous fanbased decisions and actions. Still… it would have been fun to be in Berlin at the red carpet. Some other time maybe…

I’ve spent the afternoon in my Mom’s garden, trying to catch up on some of the Grey’s fanfics I’m reading and I really have to remember to give some feedback on some stories tomorrow and to catch up on the other half of the yet unread updates. But I also already thought about how to write about this trip and I guess it will come in different parts. One about all the souvenir stuff *g*. One about hockey (in everyway). One about the sights. And one about the Canadian people. Who are freaking awesome.

One of the first things I did this morning (well early afternoon because I slept in till noon) was to search for the one commercial that will always be a fond memory of this trip. Especially the memory of Bro#1 and his buddy raising their glasses to the TV in the bar at the end of the commercial. I just loved it from the first time I saw it and I wanted to show it to Bro#3. His computers still broken so he would have to come to my place sometime to watch it. It’s just a really cool commercial, I think. But I’m probably biased with my vast Canada love at the moment :-)

“There’s an unwritten code in Canada…”

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