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I’m way behind with the things I wanted to do today. But accessable internet whenever I want is so tempting :-). And I did some laundry and caught up on some of the blogs / journals I’m reading as well as all but one Grey’s fanfic. I will continue reading that saga later tonight, although there would be a lot of other stuff to do. But I know me, I won’t be able to concentrate really on other stuff as long as the unread story lies around so… But I’ll give you my Grey’s review first. I rewatched the episodes last night, without the annoying commercial breaks and the chance to hit the pause and rewind button when I didn’t caught a line or just wanted to enjoy a scene again. I soooo enjoyed these episodes again. Just like the first new one. MY Grey’s definitely is back for good and I’m so happy about that. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

There were a few things that might have bugged me as too forced or too obvious, if I hadn’t know what’s waiting for us at end of this season. And as the MerDer relation obviously has to evolve to that stage within a couple of episodes I can ignore the sometimes too unsubtle storytelling. So although much of the trial patients stories were (supposed to be) a mirror to Meredith and Derek, I really didn’t mind it. I actually really felt for them. The bear couple and the gay soldiers. Sooo sad. Why do they have to kill all these patients to get back together *g*? The chief and his wife are a couple I really don’t care about anymore. I really thought Adele was out of the picture by now. It felt weird to have her back and to even have them end up in bed together? Weird, but I really didn’t care much.
I’m still not sure what to think of Hahn and Callie. When I first watched the episodes on TV in Canada, I was rather annoyed that the writers obviously wanted to turn them into a lesbian couple. Which I wouldn’t have minded that much per se, if Hahn hadn’t admitted to be attracted to men several times. So either, she lied or the writers ignore the character background they’ve created themselves. Which would both annoy me. Then I though maybe they really will try to make Hahn (and Callie?) realize for the first time that she/they also might be attracted to females. A storyline I could live with. But after watching the episodes again last night I really hope that it all really boils down to Hahn not making friends easily. And being mad at Callie for prefering Mark’s company over hers. And for maybe being jealous that Callie and Mark get along so well so easily while it’s so difficult for her. I’ll just have to wait and see I guess. But that whole storyline left me a bit undetermined what to think about it.
The only thing that bugged me a little was the sexual policy forms. It provided a lot of funny moments and worked that way, but it was so far-fetched. No human resource department would get away with asking for these kind of personal questions about the employees private life. The company / hospital in that case would have been sued from some employee immediatly.

That put aside: I really really loved these episodes. It’s the Grey’s I’ve missed so long. Funny and touching and just absolutely entertaining from the first till the last scene. I liked that some of the light stuff and the banter between the intern/residents was back and I’m so happy we see them having lunch together in the cafeteria again, because these are always some of my favorite scenes.

I think it’s probably best to talk about every character sperately. Addison: At first her return seemed a bit forced to me, she just came back, had one “talking some sense into her/him” scene with everyone and left again. But on second sight I loved that it was just that. It was a nice way to look at the whole mess that happen to be the personal lives of the SGH staff from the outside. I especially loved her Ghandi talk with Izzie and of course the last scene with Meredith. After reading so many fanfics about Derek Michael Shepherd I still need some time to get used to ‘Christopher’ though *g*. Oh and of course the McRebound moment in the OR was a classical Addie moment. I really miss her. I like watching Private Practice but the LA Addie is not the SGH Addie, so… yeah it was nice to have her back.

I was so happy for George to finally make some new friends among the other interns. And I was so proud when he called out the chief for his abuse of power, because that’s really what it was. I don’t know why, but I don’t like the chief much recently. Anyway, George was great and so was Lexie. It was so much fun to see her exasperation after Alex forgot he had sex with her. the scene at Joes in the end was so sweet. In some way she remindes me of Mer, which probably is intentional. And of course the “Like a Virgin” scene. Hilarious!

Izzie got on my nerves in the first of the two episodes when she couldn’t let George go and didn’t understand what the problem is. I liked her more in the second epsiode and was really surprised that she didn’t tell Alex about Ava’s test results. And in a way I feel bad for her, because she really had to deal with a lot of crap recently (some was self inflicted, but still…).
My heart went out to Alex throughout both episodes. We all know he is totally screwed up and that he doesn’t think too much of himself. And to see him struggle to do the right thing and to try to be the dad his baby needs and to be the dad he wants to be, really touched me. Especially with the knowledge that he won’t be a father. During the first round of TV watching I thought Ava was really leading him on and I was really disappointed that the writers turned the nice Ava intos some kind of weird psycho. But after I watched it again I’m not so sure, anymore. What if she really thinks she is pregnant, but there is something else wrong with her? What kind of disease (tumor?) could produce a wrong positive pregancy test, which I assume she took before coming to Seattle? However this turns out it won’t end happy for Alex, I’m afraid and I’m already feeling so sorry for him.

I felt soooo sorry for Cristina in the second episode, just as I felt sorry for her since Hahn showed up and ignored her. Singing in the morgue was so typical Cristina and the scene in the chief’s office was really sad. She really doesn’t have any reason to wish Burke well, but still, where does it leave her? I loved how she tried to talk girl in the one episode and how she blackmailed Callie so she could scrub in. Desperate times indeed.

Who else was there? Bailey… I LOVE Bailey. Always did. Always will. Leading Baby Tucker through the hallway.Interupting closet sex. Trying so hard to not break dow in front of Addison. Being the mediator between Mark and the nurses (“Let’s all keep our knees closed!” OMG she had me laughing so hard). Smacking the chief for seeing her as a sexual neutrum. I just really really love Bailey.
Mark, once more, had some of the funniest lines in these episodes. The whole “god-like” stuff and of course his elevator comment. I really loved the elevator scene. And I liked to finally see him get some more depth and genuinly be bothered by his reputation. And of course I loved what he said to Rose, because he was so right. Rose is weird. I would actually care (and that means would be annoyed) by her cardbord like character, if I didn’t knew she’s merely a plot device. So, not too much thinking about Rose. Except that Marks comment obviously made her finally have sex with Derek which finally made Derek realize that she might just not be the right person to be with. Duh, I could have told him that.

Which leads me to Derek. And Meredith of course. Their scenes together were awesome. I wasn’t so sure what to think of that clincal trial but I really like it as a mean to have them deal with each other but on some other level. Derek is trying so hard to be the man (surgeon) Meredith expects him to be and of course it troubles him that he might not be able to live up to that expectation. I really love it that he is willing to try though. And I like that they still can be professionals around each other. Most of the times, because during the scene when they were practicing for the operation, I so expected Meredith to jump him :-) Her swooning looks were prizeless. I love that they were so insync in the OR and the champagne moment almost teared me up as they were so NOT talking about the clinical trial. I even loved that his sex with “lovely” Rose did turn out the way it did. What did he expect, seriously :-)?
And that only leaves Meredith. I’m continuing to be proud of her. She really is trying to get over her issues although she might need some more pushing from her therapist. I was so glad that the therapist pointed out the load of crap. Because before Meredith can deal with any of her (Derek) issues she has to admit that she is not fine and that she is indeed terrified. And after that she and her therapist can start to work on why she is so terrified. And yes, Meredith is a coward. When it comes to Derek and relationships she has every reason to be, but still she has to admit it first. I really still hope that Derek’s issues will be adressed sooner or later as well. He is just as messed up with his inability to be alone and all that stuff.

Ok, that was that about episode 4.13 and 4.14, which had some great songs playing by the way. I still have to find out which that was. I already saw two sneak peeks for this weeks episode and I especially liked the one in the bathroom :-) I can’t wait and I’m sooo looking forward to Friday, my day off work. I already know how I will spend the morning…

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  1. graefin says:

    hah! I’ve watched both episodes as well! And I loooved Baileys talk to the nurses and George!! I want to see more of George, and I want Izzy to be “normal” again…:-(
    Cristinas singing was sooo great! I felt so sorry for her. Merediths psycho session was also great. The therapist is sooo right!
    Looking forward to tomorrow evening, after work I will search for the torrent of tonights episode.

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