Visting the Walkers

I finally managed to watch the last two episodes of Brothers & Sisters and I had such a great time. I just love that family with all their craziness and their fights and problems and secrets but also with all their support for each other and all their love and just their way of being a family. To my astonishment I really felt bad for Holly, because Rebecca really crossed a line and Sarah definitely has to let go of her hatred. I still don’t know what to think about the whole Ryan storyline though and about Justin and Rebecca having feelings for each other. It all seemed a little contrived to me.
My absolute favorite moment was Kevin’s proposal. I was getting so all giddy and happy and almost jumping up and down in my armchair, because I loved it. And the roadtrip to Arizona was such a great idea from Tommy and Justin and Kevin himself of course. It would have been to cheesy if he really could have convinced Scottys parents to come, so I really liked the way this turned out. And I liked a lot more about these episodes, but unlike Grey’s I’m not going to spend hours putting it into words. I’m a fan of that show, that’s all I have to say :-)

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