Small (?) To-Do-List… again

I guess, my life is in need of a small to-do-list again. I get distracted by so many random and unimportant things. I let myself get distracted, that’s what’s really bothering my. How do I make that stop? Anyway, these are some of the plans for today and tomorrow…

  • finish the minutes draft of last weeks job#2 meeting and mail it
  • check with boss and co-workers of job #2 regarding the new logo, still need to check in job #1
  • on other logo issues: resolve if we’re allowed to change the color (send mail)
  • sort the stuff for the committees next week
  • talk to T. and A. about some of the stuff
  • read at least two chapters of the climate change study material
  • ironing
  • finally buy the vacuum cleaner
  • get Bro3 to finally help me buy the racks for my storage room, racks need to be put up
  • and watch lots and lots of the DVDs / films on my DVR harddrive (not the stuff I wanted to watch, but a few Chicago Hope episodes, so that counts just as well…)

And then I will probably still be distracted by other stuff. Like compiling to-do-lists… And moping because of the weather. Wasn’t it like 30°C just a few days ago? Today I’m seriously thinking about switching the heating on again…

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