Miscellaneous, 2008/06/14

What does it say about my taste in music, when My Radio on last.fm plays “Hungry Eyes”. And I even hit the “Mark as Loved” button. *sigh* But it IS a classic, right?


Yesterday I searched my old bedroom for some of the empowerment guidebooks I worked with almost 10 years ago and I stumbled across an old diary with entries dated back in December 1999. Reading them I realized that I’ve really come a long way. Some of the stuff is still causing “trouble” now and then, but basically I know that I actually shouldn’t or don’t have to think or feel a certain way. I still do sometimes, but at least I know that it’s not for real. If that makes any sense. So, that’s quite a progress for that girl writing that diary 10 years ago.
Yesterday I also suggested to my mom to go on vacation together in September. 10 years ago that would never ever have happened. Me suggesting a week of us together in a cottage? No way. I’m really happy we’ve overcome this as well. I guess, that’s a part of growing up …


Did the weathergod not get the memo? It’s already June and not April. Even if the sun came through for a few moments every few hours, it sucks to have 15°C, heavy rain and wind in the middle of June. *shiver*


Would a sane person really think about spending a long weekend in London this summer? Is London swarmed with tourists in these months? Or is it too hot (ehm, ok scrap that, we’re talking about Great Britain here)? But might summer not be the best season to visit London? How long does it actually take from Stanstead or Heathrow to get into the city? Where to stay and not spend a fortune for a shabby hotel? A lot of questions and most of all: Why London of all places? I guess, I’m suffering from serious Lynley / Havers overdose at the moment. But I haven’t been in London since 1992, which is… a long long time. So might anyone of my flisties, who seem to spend a weekend in London on a regular basis :-), give me some advice? When to go, where to stay and everything else there is to know…

OMG I really am already making serious plans, just because I got that crazy idea in my head last night. I’m obviously not sane at all… But it’s fun, even if it might not work out, because it’s probably to expensive for my budget. I don’t know…


Who was that good lucking young guy (probably still underage) coming out of the mom’s neighbours’ house? Goooooo looking. I have to ask her, but she probably won’t know who he could be. The really funny thing is, that I later realized that Fernando (?) Torres looked a lot like him. But I doubt that it was his twin brother here in our small German town :-)
Talking about football, why did stupid Spain have to score in the last minute!?!? I was rooting for Sweden, of course :-), so that really sucked. And as much as I dislike the Dutch team (World Cup 1990 was the first one I actively followed, and there was Rudi Völler vs Frank Rijkaard and all, so I’ve grown up not liking them), I was really impressed last night. My bet would be on them winning this year. And it was so sweet to see them with their kids after the game *sigh*


I could check off a few more things of my to-do-list and besides thinking aobut London for quite some time I even managed to finally install a moodtheme for my livejournal. Talking about a rather utilized day…

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2 Responses to Miscellaneous, 2008/06/14

  1. Monika says:

    Ich kann Dir nur gratulieren zur Idee, mal wieder nach London zu gehen. Ob es ne gute Idee ist, im Sommer zu gehen, kann ich Dir Anfang Juli sagen, weil ich dann in London sein werde. Aber ich kann Dir sagen, wie lange man von London Stansted in die City (Liverpool station) braucht: 45 Minuten. Aber der Zug fährt alle 15 Minuten, glaube ich, geht also ruck-zuck. Und falls Du mit Ryanair fliegst, das Ticket gleich im Flugzeug kaufen, ist billiger.

    Und warum London? Weil es einfach ne tolle Stadt ist, viele Sehenswürdigkeiten hat, tolle Theater, superschöne Plätze, die Stadt hat einfach ein tolles Flair. Sie ist aber leider auch relativ teuer. :-(

  2. liljan98 says:

    Danke für die “moralische Unterstützung” ;-) Am Preisniveau dürfte es vielleicht wirklich noch scheitern oder zumindest die Länge des Trips bestimmen. Bei Opodo hab ich aber erst mal relativ günstige Angebote gesehen, da muss ich noch mal nach Hotel-Bewertungen googlen…

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