The game’s afoot…

Oh my, I guess this blog might turn into a running comentary of me reading “Careless in Red” :-) I just have to share my delight and twitter is just not enough for that.

She said, “Hey. Someone there? I can’t hear you. C’n you hear me?”
He said, “Yes, I can hear you, Barbara. The game’s afoot. Can you help me out?”

Yes. Yes. Yes! Of course she will. Damn, the story switchs to some other characters and the actual crime investigation.

And yes, I’m at work, but I had to get off the train at the main station in the middle of reading how Lynley is pondering on calling the Yard or not. Then I had to walk to my office, immediately answer a phone call and do the dishes (glasses, cups) from last nights meeting. Only then I could have my usual coffee and while enjoying it I finished reading the last few sentence of that paragraph. But now I’m back to work…

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