Thoughts about Christian Shepherd…

I skimmed through Lostpedia for some information and stumbled across something which I didn’t know. And which changes part of what I thought. Not that what I thought was a valid explanation for anything. But neither is this…. :-)

From the entry on Christian Shepherd

Christian’s death, though not shown on-screen, has been confirmed in a Official LOST podcast (April 20, 2007 Edition). Even further clarification was received in “Access: Granted“, when Carlton Cuse stated “In terms of actually physically corporally in existence… he’s dead”.
He is, along with Yemi, one of two previously deceased bodies that have gone missing and then later appeared to be living people. Yemi’s appearance was confirmed to be influenced by the Monster in the Official LOST Podcast (March 21, 2008 Edition), while Christian was confirmed as being one of three characters (Yemi and Kate’s horse) to be classified as “undead”.

Damn. Until I read that I really, really believed he was still alive and did for real. return to the mainland and the hospital where he and Jack worked. I though that, because of the season 3 finale where Jack talks about his father as if he were still alive. And it sounded believable to me and it would make sense in the twisted way that I thought it would fit to the twisted way things work out on LOST. So I thought we would get some logical explanaition of how and why Christian Shepherd survived and returned. But… apparently: no such thing.

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  1. izikavazo says:

    SPOILER – Don’t read if you haven’t watched the season 4 finale.

    What I’m confused about is whether Christian Shepard still has the same personality or if he’s just a mouth piece for Jacob. It appears that he does still remember his old life, he was cradling Aaron like he wanted to interact with him. And he is occasionally stocking Jack. So then you have to ask what about him isn’t alive? Maybe he has a good deal, he’s still corporeal and he still has his personality and memories, likely nothing can harm him now. Hmmm that’s something to think about.
    Also me and my friends believe that Claire is dead, when Sawyer found her under her house in the Others village she was dead and that’s why she went to live with Christian and Jacob. I’ll bet that’s true, and frankly it’s an improvement to the character.
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