Summer is for hospital visits (on TV)

Almost exactly two years ago I spend a huge part of my summer vacation (at least the nights of it) watching the first two¬†seaons of Grey’s Anatomy, which turned into my favorite TV show pretty fast. I just loved (almost) everything about it, storylines, character, writing, music and that hasn’t changed since. Of course it didn’t hurt, that this show has got a couple I could get emotionally invested in. I am a “shipper” at heart, after all. :-)

Chicago Hope doesn’t have such a couple and strangely enough I don’t even miss that. I obviouly don’t need to ship someone to enjoy watching a show. It’s still different with CH. I really enjoy watching it, they’ve got pretty interesting cases and it’s fun to see how much alike hospitals shows are. I guess the amount of gripping and realistic patients storylines is limited after all.
I like most of the characters (some more, some less) although I’m not too attached to anyone or care much about what’s going to happen to them. And that is indeed a strange experience for me, because I usually get attached to someone on a TV show. At Chicago Hope I just like watching them. Period. It’s a pretty liberating TV viewing experience :-)

Although I have to admit that “Jack-Mack” *g* became my favorite character pretty soon. He is just the coolest and especially his interaction with Aaron Shut is so much fun to watch. Last night I watched the episode where Aaron gets to know / starts dating the physical therapist Karen (?). Ever since she taught him how to walk “properly” and he walked out in this ridiculous waltzing way, I was so looking forward to what Jack would say about that. And waiting for that short moment was so worth it, because it totally cracked me up.

Jack: What’s with the limp?
Aaron: I’m not limping!
Jack: Fine. I’m just an orthopedist. What do I know…

I already know I’m going to watch at least one more episode tonight. Or maybe two… Talk about another (but still different) TV show addiction…

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