Teach With Your Heart (Erin Gruwell, 2007)

I don’t know when this change happened. Maybe the touch-and-go with my mom at the end of last year triggered it. Maybe I was already getting so emotional even before that. I didn’t tear up that easily in my early or mid-twenties. At least I like to think I didn’t.
But lately I catch myself being touched and close to crying instantly over rather insignificant things. Like hearing a nation anthem. ANY national anthem. Ok, maybe not any anthem, but a lot. Or like reading this autobiography of Erin Gruwell, who is known for teaching and basically founding the “Freedom Writers”.
I saw the movie last year (of course, because Paddy was in it *g*) and I liked it and read the Freedom Writers diary earlier this year. I was already moved by the kids’ stories of their gruesome life. But reading Erin Gruwell’s version of everything that happened with and because of the Freedom Writers really, really, touched me. And I was close to tears a lot of times, about so many little things. Who they’ve met. What the’ve achieved. How many people volunteered to help them in so many different ways. How they managed to change their life and the lifes of so many others. And I guess I just have to accept that the change taht I’m sort of a cry-baby….

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