Wellknown problem…

Why do I always do a lot of things, but not the things I ought to do? My life seems to scream for a to-do-list again. I might compile one tomorrow and maybe that will force me to act according to the plan. It’s not that I don’t want to do the things I have to do, I just get so distracted sometimes. But I shouldn’t be so hard on myself either: I was rather productive at work this week. Regarding my local politics work I completed the motion for climate change action in our town, which I just have to hand in at the majors office tomorrow. And as for chores: I did de-frost my fridge.
But besides that I also started to compile a Killers Top 10 list and compiling a best-of-music-list always takes some time, because it has to be compiled with careful consideration. I blogged about Paddy in Versace clothes. I checked the TV programm and saw that “Upside of Anger” will be on TV tonight, but unfortunately as usual it’s only the German dubbed version. Which lead me to Amazon and … surprise, they sell that movie for less than 10 EUR (15$) and while I was there I also ordered “Must Love Dogs”, because it displayed in the “Other customers who bought this…” section and it was even only 8 EUR and I liked it at the movies. And of course I finally ordered “Freedom Writers”. It’s way too easy to spend money at home :-).
In between all that Bro3 came over to connect his laptop to the internet, because he is still without it at home and I had to set up my old cellphone for him, as his has really given out. And before I realized it, it was already about 10 PM and that’s not a good time for me to start studying, at least not after a ordinary workday. But studying actually has been the plan for tonight.

So I could use the evening to finally start working on my vacation photobook. Or blog about the Killers Top 10 (which was the main reason to compile the list in the first place). Or vent about the rude and stupid people I met today. But it seems I’m way to lazy to do any of it, so I’ll just lounge in my comfy armchair and continue my regular visits to Chicago Hope hospital. And to got to bed at a reasonable hour so I can use the whole Friday to really do the things that need to be done. Starting with compiling a to-do-list :)

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