Whiling Away Time with the Killers Top 10

I’m a master in whiling away my time. I planned to do a couple of things yesterday afternoon, but of course I just did a very few of them. Re-Reading “Lightning Strikes Twice” is just so time-consuming. And addictive and I guess it will be in the next couple of days as well.
I decided to not go to work today, because there is no way that the really loud re-construction in the building with my temp office will be finished already And it’s just impossible to work when there is loud screeching and or hammering from the drills and jackhammers all around the office. I can’t talk on the phone, I can’t concentrate and the apruptly stop and start of the noise is nervwrecking. At least my nerves were wrecked after only 20 minutes and a cellphone call I had to answer out on the yard, where there still was noise from some re-construction stuff on the other parts of the building. So I just set up call forwarding to my cellphone and left.
I definitely have to go in tomorrow though to check the mail before I leave for my short London trip. As there isn’t anything urgent to work on at the moment it’s not a big problem to stay at home and I could use the time at home to be productive and… well, if I didn’t have to restrain myself from compiling another “to-do-today” list and instead just start doing it!

Anyway at least finally is here my Killers Top10. And it took me about an hour to figure out the flash player / addblock conflict on my firefox. Talking about whiling away time….

#10 – Read My Mind
I can’t really point out what I like so much about that song, maybe it’s just that it’s so pleasently midtempo. And maybe because it’s about the every now and then sparking desire to leave the small hometown. listen @ Last.fm

#09 – Sam’s Town (Abbey Road version)

I already liked the original version a lot but this slow acoustic version totally got to me, because it is so different. It’s more emotional and a little bit heartbreaking. (not @ Last.fm unfortunately)

#08 – Why Do I Keep Counting?
I like that this song has two different tones, the slow and almost hushed first verse, followed by a powerful chorus and a equally powerful second verse. It always makes the despair perceptible to me. listen @ Last.fm

#07 – Bones
Rather uptempo which is the perfect mood for that song, as it’s just about sex basically. And this song captures the sexy, needy mood pretty well, I think. listen @ Last.fm

#06 – For Reason Unknown
I really like the beginning: drumsand Brandon’s voice, and bit by bit the other instruments join in. The “But my heart, it don’t beat…” part always gets to me: physically, as my feet are forced to tap, but emotionally as well. listen @ Last.fm

#05 – Mr. Brightside
I don’t know if that was the first Killers Song I’ve heard (or if it was “Somebody”). It doesn’t matter. I like the sound of this and I think it’s a pretty cool – unusual – story which is told in this song. listen @ Last.fm

#04 – All These Things That I Have Done
Another song with a slow and hushed beginning, which turns into something more powerful, with a great beat. What distinguishes this song from others is it’s phonetics, if that’s the right term in English. Similar to an internal rhyme the lines of this song contain a lot of similar vocals, which sounds pretty neat. And of course there is the phonetically brilliant “I’ve got sould, but I’m not a soldier” listen @ Last.fm

#03 – Somebody Told me

Just like “Mr. Brightside” I like the sound of this and a somewhat weird story. This beat even gets even more into my system, so it’s higher up in the list :-) listen @ Last.fm

#02 – Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
If I had paid more attention to the lyrics when I first listened to this song or had known about the murder trilogy, that all might have kept me from loving this song so much. I don’t know. The trilogy is a little bit sick and weird idea, but I guess that just comes with the band’s name :-) And I also think it’s still a pretty cool idea and it’s carried out in a brilliant way. Every song works for itself, but there is a bigger picture if you listen to all three of them 1. “Leave The Bourbon on the Shelf” (on the Sawdust Album) 2. “Midnight Show” (on the Hot Fuss album) and this song as the third and last. I really really liked the sound of it first and didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics. But I also think the lyrics are written very well. The song tells the police interrogation from the killer’s point of view, who denies to have anything to do with the crime, because “Jenny was…” :-) Really, really cool song and the tension of the interrogation room is (almost) perceptible… listen @ Last.fm

#01 – Change Your Mind
I only have to listen to the first few beats and I’m in totally happy mood, although the lyrics are not about anything happy, but about a past relationship. The beat of this song always makes me want to bounce around my apartement and it definitely makes my step skip a bit, when I listen to it on my cellphone. listen¬†¬† @ Last.fm

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