Books & Movies – July 2008



  • Teach With Your Heart (Erin Gruwell, 2007) [E]
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (William Shakespeare, 1600) + the according Cliff’s Notes (2001) [E]
  • Lightning Strikes Twice (AriaAdagio, 2007) [E] (This fanfic has 670 pages, so it definitely belongs in the book section) [E]
  • Shakespeare: The World as a Stage (Bill Bryson, 2007)

trial & error

  • Der Goldene Kompass (1995, Philip Pullman) [G]

Movies & TV

  • Penelope (at the movies) [G]
  • Pride And Prejudice (DVD) [E]
  • An Ideal Husband (DVD) [E]
  • Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod (DVD) [G]
  • Freedom Writers (DVD) [E]
  • Becoming Jane (DVD) [E]
  • Chicago Hope 2.17- 3.16 (TV/DVD) [E]
  • Batman – The Dark Knight (at the movies) [E]
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (DVD) [E]
  • The X-Files – I Want to Believe (at the movies) [G]
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  1. orangorang says:

    Hmm I watched Pride and Prejudice twice. It’s an interesting movie. Plus, I love Kiera’s acting. She’s really something. Perhaps you can try ‘Atonement’ also.


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