Miscellaneous, 2008/08/04

I called in sick today. And as precaution for tomorrow as well. My lower back is killing me. I have problems with blocked lumbar vertebraes every once in a while, and now is one of those times. I guess, my vertebraes didn’t like walking around on pavement and climbing about 400 stone steps in London last week, because my lower back already bothered me a bit then. It didn’t get better, although I tried to relax and treated it with heat in various forms. Nothing seemed to help, so I went to see the doc this morning.
My general practitioners are on vacation at the moment, so I had to go to their stand-in GP. And as I don’t own a car I literarily mean “go”. During a nasty heavy shower and even with an umbrella my pants were soaked. Ick!
Being in that GP’s practice I once again know why I like the practice and staff of mine so much. The doc himself was ok, though. He did some manual manipulation to un-block the vertebraes, advised me to take some ibuprofen for the next three days and to not do anything to strenous. I think I can do that :-). At least it doesn’t hurt constantly, only at certain movements.

Now I’ll spend the next couple of hours with a hot pack on my back once again, before I have to accompany my mom to one of her doctor’s appointments. Doctors all around and none is looking like McDreamy. Or Alex Karev. Or Pete or even Sam :-) *sigh*


I really hope that playing Darts didn’t cause any of the back pain, because then that might turn into something chronic :-) During the last few days I spent more time throwing darts at a board then in my complete life before. I never thought I would, because I always thought I’m just not good at it and I could never learn it anyway. But like so many other things in life it really is just a matter of practice. Maybe not just practice, but also technique and maybe a bit talent, but definitely a lot of practice. And that’s what I’ve been doing and I definitely see improvements. Pretty fast even. I still need more than twice as many attempts as Bro2 and Bro3 to complete a Round-a-Clock, but I see the improvements. Round-the-Clock is a very good and simple way to practice on your own.

On Friday I even bought my own set of steel darts, because it really does make a difference if you can throw with the same darts all the time or if you have to switch sets and use the ones not used by someone else at that moment. So I wanted to have my own set. It just feels better. Or maybe I just want to show off :-) Anyway, when I browsed through the thousands of flights (the wings at the end of a dart) to personalize my darts I found the perfect ones for me. Unfortunateley I haven’t thought of taking a picture yet, although I knew all the time that I would write about it here. I will take my camera with my this afternoon, when I meet my mom (at her house, where the family’s Darts arena is situated *g*)


I did some other things this weekend except playing Darts and whining about my lower back pain though. I started to work on my Climate Change term paper once again. Actually I wanted to hand it in at the end of July; now I’m aiming for mid-August. Ambitious probably, but I need that sort of pressure this time. I have a lot of ideas for the different assignments, I just have to put them into a logical order. And today, waiting that the practice, I even started reading the study material for the mobility class.
I also started working on my vacation photobook for the Norderney trip in September 2006. I’m soooo behind with these photobooks. There were five more photobook-worthy vacations after that (including the London trip). But the good thing is, that I realized it doesn’t take that long to work on. Well, it still takes quite some time, but I managed to cover almost half the albeit short trip to Norderney in about 90 minutes last night. That even included a software crash, when I hadn’t saved the current two pages and had to do it all over again.
And I finally managed to get my hold on the complete new Doctor Who series. Four seasons á 13 episodes. Yay! I have no idea when I will get around to start watching the show, but at least I’ve got them on stock now. And my DVD recorder seems to work for once. Maybe it all was just a matter of DVD brand? I have to give it a few more trys.

On Saturday I spent a wonderful night with some friends celebrating a friend’s birthday. It’s always fun with these group of friends, catching up with all the stuff going on in our lifes, eating yummy food and dessert, drinking pink prosecco, playing games and just having a great time.


In reminiscence of my London trip I watched “Shakespeare in Love” on Friday night. I think I liked it better, when I saw it at the movies a couple of years ago. It was ok, entertaining, but I don’t really understand some of the Academy Awards this movie has won. Best movie and best actress? I have to admit I didn’t at all remember that the movie and Gwyneth for that movie won. Who was their competition that year?

I paid Chicago Hope some more visits this weekend as well. I’m almost done with season 3 and I’m anxious to see how it all works out (or not) for Jack McNeil and his gambling. At least now the hospital staff know about it and I hope they can help in some way. And that Jack let them help him. And you don’t just say “You wanna hit me? Go on and hit me!” :-) to Billy Kronk without some sort of reaction *g* Pretty intense scene. Talking about Billy and Diane: I’ve seen quite some proposals on several TV shows in my life, but I think the one at the end of episode of 3.21 was a really great one. It didn’t quite top Kevin’s on Brothers & Sisters, but it comes close. In it’s own way :-)

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3 Responses to Miscellaneous, 2008/08/04

  1. oceans77 says:

    Oh je, autsch!!! Mit dem unteren Rücken hab ich auch immer mal wieder Probleme. Seit ich ‘kiesere’ hat sich das aber deutlich gebessert. Trotzdem kommen längere Fußmärsche auf Pflaster bei meinem Rücken auch nicht so ganz gut an. Naja, was will man erwarten, über 30, da ist der Lack ab*g*.

    Jaha, Billy, der ist echt der Knaller, der lässt sich nicht zweimal bitten*g*. Aber putzig ist er ja schon. Was Jack’s Spielproblem angeht, da verrate ich wohl nicht zuviel, wenn ich sage, dass sich das ab 4.2 zwar kurzfristig gibt, aber das (ganz, ganz) dicke Ende mit 4.18 erst noch kommt. Nee, nee, man möchte ihn würgen! Hast Du schon 3.26 gesehen? Sehr nette Aaron/Jack Folge ;-).

  2. liljan98 says:

    Ich hab gestern bis 3.24 geguckt, das mit der Verlobung und Hochzeitsplänen hat sich ja doch in Grenzen gehalten, schade. Aber eigentlich auch typisch für die beiden.
    3.24 fand ich aber schon cool, also vom Stil her mit diesen Rückblicken und den verschiedenen Sichtweisen und so. Klasse gemacht.

    Was ?!?! Das Spiel-Problem zieht sich letzendlich doch bis 4.18 ?!?!? Ich dachte so wie es mit Jack bergab geht, müsste da bald mal der ganz große Knall kommen.

  3. oceans77 says:

    Jap, stimmt, das fand ich auch cool gemacht, sehr gute Idee.
    Naja, das zieht sich ja jetzt nicht durchgänging bis 4.18. Wie gesagt, von 4.2 bis 4.17 sieht das alles erstmal vielversprechend aus, aber dann wirft ihn ein Ereignis in 4.18 doch wieder übelst aus der Bahn.

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