Shipping off to Chicago…

Just a really short entry, to report that once again the shipper in me is starting to replace the ordinary TV viewer. I watched the first few seasons of Chicago Hope without having a favorite couple. I liked some characters more than others but even that was merely a mild preference. And except for Billy and Diane there wasn’t really any couple around to get crazy about anyway. I always liked these two though and do so even more with everything that’s happening. Pregnancy, getting married at the airport ;-) and everything.

But now there also are Kate – another one of my favourites, even though she can be a self-centered annyoing person sometimes – and Danny, the electritian. The moment they got stuck on the elevator I remembered that storyline from the first time I watched this show a century or so ago. I also remember that this is not going to last, so I’ll enjoy it while I can. It’s so much fun to watch, because they are so not the couple you would expect to happen. She is the chief of surgery after all. I love how much more human and girly this fling or whatever it is going to be is making her. And I just hope that it won’t end too badly or that she won’t be the bitch to break it of in the end because she thinks herself out of his league. I don’t remember how it ended :-)

I have to admit I didn’t remember anything about Jack and Lisa from the first time I watched the show either. Probably because even back then Kate was my favorite and I paid more attention to her. But these two are really really cute and thanks to a friend I know that they are going to last a while longer. The way she is asking Keith about Jack (or better how he answers before she had even asked) was so funny. The way Jack asked her out was so much fun to watch and I even enjoyed the way she called it off, because I knew she will give in sooner or later. My absolute favorite line: “Goofy is good. I like goofy.” Yay! I’m going to have so much fun watch these two to get together. And to see how Kate and Danny and Billy and Diane will work out as well.

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