Back in the ordinary world…

I’m back and wish I wasn’t. :-( I already fall back into my old habbits of spending too much time online for no important reason. Except catching up with ALL of my mails and blogs and stories I read, because although I went online every day to read some stuff I missed out on so many things. And I’m still on vacation and can do whatever I want with my time, but I feel oddly guilty *sigh* It’s just hard to break these habits, especially back in the ordinary everyday life. During my vacation I was too busy or too tired to spend much time online, which at least is proof that it indeed was a wonderful and relaxing vacation. I’ll post some pictures and more details later this week.

I was pretty successful in not thinking about work (except for a voicemail from boss #2 who forgot I was on vacation) or local politics (except for some mails and one phonecall letting me know about thwarted strategic plans for the next election). I even get some work done on my term paper, which probably is about 75% done and I’ve basically still got three full days to work on that. It’s due on the 18th, but I have to go back to work on Monday, so I should have it done on Sunday evening at the latest.

I finished the final part of the Bartimaeus trilogy and managed to read my weekly newspaper, the GEO Special about Canada and I’m halfway through “Lighthouse in My Life”. I planned to do more reading but I just never got around to do it, because we were either out doing stuff or just too tired, because we did stuff. I went to bed around 10 PM or at the latest 10.30 PM. Of course I woke up around 6.30 or 7 AM every morning, but I didn’t even mind. Most mornings before I got up I spent some moments thinking about McDreamy pictures for the livejournal mood theme and I spend about a couple of minutes every night to browse through screencaps sites and grab these pics. I’ve got about 60 (out of 130 moods) so it’s still a long way to go and I haven’t even started to edit the pictures. But it’s still fun, although I might work too detailed on that. I don’t know. I will continue to “work” on that project for the next couple of days I guess. When I’m not working on my term paper or do my laundry or watch hockey games or sort through the 200+ photos I took.

I’ve got a new favourite song at the moment, which probably comes with enjoying beach and ocean views for a long time on Monday and Tuesday…

Far, far away, I want to go far away
To a new life on a new shoreline
Where the water is blue and the people are new
To another island and another life

(Ingrid Michaelson)

There just isn’t anything more relaxing and unwinding than sitting somewhere in the sun, looking out on something like that and allow your mind to wander to… strange and dreamy places :-)

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