Miscellaneous, 2008/09/18

I spent most of my evening writing and more importantly tweaking my first Grey’s Anatomy fanfiction. Well, it’s not really a fanfiction, but more a tiny little ficlet :-) I wrote it for the 100×100 fanfic challenge in the new livejournal community elevatorjunkies. I thought it’d be so easy to just put one of the many random MerDer scenes from my head into words. But it wasn’t that easy, foreign language and all. And more important I had to restrict the story to a 100 words. Which is an even more difficult task in English, I’d say, because of all the one- or two-letter-words like “a” and “I” and “is” and “it” :-)

For your information: the paragraph above are 113 words. So, using only 100 words is definitely a challenge, but I liked doing it. It took longer than I expected, but that was ok and I had no other plans for tonight anyway.

° ° ° ° °

Some more random notes: There was healthcare day at my workplace today, which is always a nice break from the usual work routine. They offer different health exams and we could try out different exercises and get information about health issues and such and it’s all for free. Among other things I tried out 30 minutes of Qi Gong and 30 minutes of Tai Chi. I think I like Tai Chi better and I might try and find a place to learn that properly. I’m not sure yet, because I know I won’t be able to find a studio/school in my small hometown. So I’d have to find one in the town I work in or in one of the towns I cross on my way to work. I had a cardioscreening which turned out fine, but I didn’t get into the spinalscreening (some new sort of computer examination of the spine). I was offered to have that exam for free sometime next week, because the practice who provided both screeings is close to our office. So I probably have that as well. I’ve got a lot of problems with my back, tense muscles, blocked vertebraes and such. I have had problems with my shoulder and neck for a couple of days now and sitting in front of the computer and typing and using the mouse a lot doesn’t really do any good :) I guess that’s another reason why I don’t write much at the moment…

Anyway the really funny thing is, that the guy doing the cardioscreening usually also does the spinalscreeing and he looked at me and said: “You’ve also got problems with your jaw and it’s joints, don’t you?” And I was totally dumbstrucked, because I do or at least I did. A couple of months ago my dentist got me a special sort of braces to wear at night and it helped a lot. And that guy just knew that by looking at my face and how I’m holding my head. Creepy! Anyway I’ll have that spinalscreeing next week and just see what kind of exercise they will offer me.

And the exercise with the most fun today was to be part of a real life human table soccer thing. It was a bouncy castle thing in form of a huge table soccer table with bars and all. The players had to hold on to the bars (like the figures on the soccer table) but of course the moved the bars by themselves and not some giant from the outside. I don’t know how to explain that any better but it was so much fun.

° ° ° ° °

Duisburg lost the hockey game tonight. Yeah, so Cologne still is only last-but-one in the standings *irony mode off* It’s so sad if you have to fear Duisburg to pull ahead. It’s such a strange situation at the moment and I’m honestly scared for the game tomorrow.

° ° ° ° °

And now I’m starting to get really tired so I better sign off the internet soon. I can sleep in tomorrow (the usual free friday, yay) but I still have quite a few things to do, so I shouldn’t sleep in to much. I’ll end this post with my entry for the 100×100 challenge. I chose the prompt “Pizza” (because it was the only one which allowed to use my “kitchen” idea *g*)

022 – Pizza

“I’ll sit this one out …”
“What? We agreed to take turns, come on…” Derek playfully bumped her shoulder. In front of them lay his formerly immaculate blueprints, which a joint revision had slowly turned into their blueprints.
“It’s the kitchen!” She glared at him. “Remember when I tried to surprise you with dinner? And that was just a freaking frozen pizza!” It had taken them days to air out the trailer.
“I could teach you how to cook,” Derek suggested.
“Right,” Meredith scoffed. “Which in my case would take forever!”
“Well, I guess, it’s good we’ve got forever then…”

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