The last ficlet, I promise…

After this post I will stop flooding feedreaders with my newest addiction of wrting tiny Grey’s Anatomy ficlets. At least I’ll try :)  So this will be the last single post about it and in the future I will only mention that I updated my writing endeavours page (also linked above under “About Me”) in any other regular post.

I’m still amazed how easy these words come to me and how much fun it is to finetune that piece so it meets the 100 words condition.

018 – Shelter

It feels… different. She can’t explain why, because the animal shelter still looks the same. Most kennels are still dimly lit and it still almost makes her cry to see the dejected looking dogs within.

She feels a tug on her hand and she starts to smile. It definitely is different this time. The last visit was about filling a void in her life. This visit is about filling the void in a dog’s life. She turns to see a young chocolate lab eagerly licking Derek’s hand. Derek’s eyes shine and she knows she has just met their new roommate.

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