The weather and hockey are depressing…

During the last couple of days (at the Baltic Sea) we had great sunny weather. And so we did yesterday, which made watching a hockey game kind of weird, because it didn’t feel like icehockey weather. This morning I had to switch on the light in my apartement because it’s so freaking cloudy and almost gloomy outside and of course it’s raining. As could be expected Mid-September, but it still makes me a tiny bit depressed.
Which brings me back to hockey, because it’s been a really depressing start into the new season for the Cologne Sharks. The first three games took place while I was on vacation and even though I had internet I didn’t try to catch any live reports online, but just looked up the results later that day or relied on text messages from Hai-di. I tuned into the online sport ticker during the third game on my last night and I shouldn’t have because it almost wrecked the relaxed state of mind I was in.

Cologne lost these first three games while I was away. Against Berlin, which was no big deal, because Berlin is the current champion after all. They lost in Düsseldorf, which always sucks because Düsseldorf is Colognes most “hated” team due to of a long long history of rivalry between the two cities in general. The third game (which I catched parts of on the ticker) was in Cologne, against Düsseldorf once more. At one time Cologne was 2:6 behind and they lost 4:7.
Yesterday I went to see Cologne playing in Iserlohn and before the game my two brothers who are Iserlohn fans already teased me about four losses in a row. What can I say? Except for the first period Cologne just sucked at playing hockey. They were bad. Really really bad. And of course they didn’t win, they wouldn’t have deserved to win. They were 2:5 behind at a time, rightfully so, and only in the last few minutes seemed to remember their skills. The scored two times, but of course they pulled the goalie and of course Iserlohn scored an empty net goal. 4:6. Four losses in a row at the start of the season. They rank last but one at the moment and most of the teams have only two games yet. It’s soooo depressing.

Less depressing news: I’ve already assembled and edited 104 out of 132 pictures for my McDreamy live journal mood theme. Too bad that can’t be used on wordpress as well. I hope to find the remaining 28 during the next couple of days and I really hope to still get some work done on my term paper. Talking about priorities *sigh* I suck at that, especially when the weather keeps bringing me down as well.

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