Few First Thoughts on Grey's

I managed to watch the new Grey’s episode this morning before I have to head off to a seminar in a few minutes. The seminar will last all day. And all of tomorrow. I’ll probably be editing this post and add a longer review later tonight, after I will have watched the episode again :-), but I can already say that I really enjoyed this episode. There was some hospital stuff I found rather far-fetched, but unlike last week’s episode, I didn’t mind that too much.

And of course there could have been more Mer/Der moments, but I haven’t given up hope that we will actually see them living their relationship some day. And I’m not talking about the sex part (although I wouldn’t mind to see more of that either). But maybe see more of them being a couple in more than two scenes (one in the beginning, one in the end) of each episode. Is that too much to ask? Besides that: Enjoyable episode in which I really liked all the characters (except the chief though!).

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