Miscellaneous, 2008/10/03

It took me 38 hours to finish “New Moon”. Not reading for 38 hours of course, on the contrary. Besides so ordinarly things like grocery shopping, cooking some dinner, taking a shower, spend some time onlineand all that, these 38 hours also included a 7 hour work day, being out dancing for 4,5 hours, sleeping for about 7 hours and spending 4 wonderful hours celebrating a very special 10th birthday with some wonderful friends. So all in all I really didn’t read that long. And I’m so tempted to continue with “Eclipse” right away, because I’m dying to know how the deal between Edward and Bella turns out. This story is addictive, that it’s scary :-) But I really have some other things to work on so I’ll try my best to not go back to Forks first thing tomorrow morning but instead postpone that until at least late afternoon. To make some more time for reading I even didn’t buy my weekly newspaper, because reading that paper always takes a couple of hours of my week. Talking about addiction…

° ° ° ° °

I watched the first new episode of Private Practice tonight (one of the things I had to “work” on and my attempt to not let vampires take over my life as well) and I’m glad that the Oceanside Wellness Center is back. I like these guys, some more than the others, but it’s nice to watch them at their jobs and their struggles in their personal and especially romantic life. The ratings for this episode have been disastrous and I’m afraid we might not even get to see a full season. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though. I want to get to know more about Pete…

° ° ° ° °

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would write a post about how running a fan-website for 10 years can change your life and even though today was the 10th birthday I don’t feel to inclined to actually do so. What does that say about me *wonders*? I’m still baffeled that it’s lasted for this long and that it’s been such a success. I’ve met a lot of nice folks, found some great friends (who threw me the forementioned little birthday party today), experienced so many awesome moments and definitely grew as a person. And I’m extremly grateful for all of that. More than I probably could ever express here, so what’s the point :-)?

° ° ° ° °

There isn’t even a fourth thing to write about now. I lead such a boring life. Or maybe I’m just too tired.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Hoffe, ihr habt gut gefeiert am Freitag, mir wurde es zu viel, weil ich am Samstag schon wieder nach Hannover gefahren bin, deswegen dann doch noch die Absage… Zum 15. bin ich aber dabei, versprochen ;-)
    LG, Claudia

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